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5 Must-Read Survival Tips for Fleet Managers

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Do more with less! Fleet managers today have fewer resources and higher demands with regular business, staff, and vehicles. Fleets today face slashed budgets, hiring freezes, increased workplace stress – just to name a few of the challenges for public and private fleets alike. Understanding how fleet technology may improve daily workflow and reduce costs may be a turning point for small to medium sized fleet managers.
USA Fleet Solutions would like to share 5 important fleet management tips that aim to improve  dispatching, compliance, and asset management, all while keeping safety, maintenance, green initiatives, and labor costs at the forefront of decision making. Turn your GPS fleet tracking data into information that helps you improve fleet safety, compliance, and overall efficiency.

1) Implement Technologies and Practices that Reduce Workload

Portable GPS Navigation Devices offer more opportunities for fleet managers to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve vehicle utilization, and achieve significant improvements in fuel economy. The days of shuffling paper work orders and calling drivers throughout the day to alert them of customer requests, directions or schedule changes are a thing of the past. There is an easier, quicker and more efficient way, to bridge the gap between dispatchers and drivers with USA Fleet Solutions products and services.

screensManage fleet maintenance from your portable device anywhere with USA Fleet Solutions Fuel Reporting Suite APP! Gain access to a comprehensive service management suite that allows you to manage vehicle service and related costs for the life of your fleet vehicles on your mobile device. Put your Laptop, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, or iPad to work for you!

2) Improve Employee Accountability and Productivity

USA Fleet Solutions provides peace of mind with 24 hour vehicle tracking. Finally, put an end to driving home for lunch, running errands, off-route driving, including driving outside your preset geofence boundaries, taking extended breaks on company time, performing side-jobs, or using vehicles outside of business hours. Successful fleet management will improve your fleet productivity and ultimately increase profits, efficiency, reduce costly repairs, and reduce environmental impact. Also, you can manage driver safety behaviors and prevent accidents by monitoring for safety-related events using Critical Event Reporting.

Encourage positive driving habits with rewards and recognition so others may be inspired to also achieve recognition. Employee motivation is important and it falls upon the fleet managers for those important team building skills. Fleet managers are not just managers of equipment, but also leaders of people. A happy workplace encourages positive interaction among employees and customers.

3) Stay Compliant with Changing Regulations

ElectronicGPS Turn-by-turn Directions On-Board Recorders (EOBR) connect directly to a vehicles engine control module and can monitor and record a plethora of information regarding vehicle performance and driver behaviour. Anything from speeding, idling and hard braking, to electronic driver logs for Hours of Service Compliance and electronic Vehicle Inspection Reports.

The fact is that an EOBR device will limit your exposure to risk and save you in excess of 60% man-hours needed to administer written driver logs. For a solution that is more than just a piece of hardware, look no further than USA Fleet Solutions. Our award winning EOBR device, fleet management applications, and compliance consulting services are your company’s best tools in managing FMCSA regulations and compliance.

4) Improve Vehicle Safety and Maintenance Awareness

Imagine the benefits of having access to vehicle diagnostic data in real time. USA Fleet Solutions MCP50 GPS Tracking device will report this and other conditions in real time such as low engine oil, overheated transmission fluid, or low battery voltage. When properly used, this information will allow fleet managers to take proactive steps to resolve any issues before they damage the vehicle or result in excessive fuel consumption.

Extend maintenance intervals. The general rule of thumb has been to change a vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles. However, newer vehicles are offering longer drain intervals, which can lead to substantial cost savings from fewer oil changes, especially when spread over several hundred or thousand vehicles in a fleet.

5) Promote Green Initiative Strides to Customers

By using GPS technology, studies have shown that your fleet mileage and overall travel will be minimized resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and fleet emissions. By using a wireless fleet management system with diagnostic monitoring, you can easily achieve a green fleet. As fuel and other costs continue to rise, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to improve fleet productivity, efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while allowing your company to advertise itself as a Green Fleet.

Our product solutions are specifically designed to find weak links in your routine and provide solutions where improvements may be useful; for instance, high idle times, employee overtime, routing efficiency, productivity, and vehicle maintenance. With USA Fleet Solutions comprehensive reporting tools and GPS tracking, you can make informed business decisions for vehicle usage, maintenance, idle times, and dispatch routing. Reporting tools that are easy-to-use and work!


  • Manage CSA Requirements
  • Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) Compliance
  • Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Use
  • Reduce Fleet Labor and Operating Expenses
  • Improve Fleet Security and Safety
  • Improve Fleet Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Operate a Green Fleet, Go Green

Let USA Fleet Solutions help you increase profits on your fleet operations. Call today for more information (855) 477-4771.

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