Public Works

Government agencies can now manage their extensive fleets utilizing Geotab Public Works tools. Oversee infrastructure service, control costs, monitor fleet health and track material usage of vehicles such as salt spreaders, snow plows, street sweepers, and waste management vehicles. Public Works offers one solution for all government vehicles, encompassing capabilities such as:

  • View mapping and geospatial reports
  • Replay roadway incidents
  • Receive automated reporting for regulatory compliance and billing 
  • Explore remote diagnostics
  • Access active tracking 
  • Integrate with 511 public information system
  • Integrate with open SDK
  • Complete route completion outputs

Features of Public Works
Performance Optimization

    Optimize fleet performance by utilizing performance data outputs to manage your operation. Use diagnostics to monitor vehicle performance for indicators of potential equipment failure. Develop preventative maintenance plans using available data, ensuring equipment availability and optimal performance.

Fleet Management

    Increase fleet management capabilities, improve routing and reduce operating costs by employing real time vehicle tracking and managed preventative maintenance.

Compliance Adherence and Accountability

    Ensure maintenance standards, policies and procedures of public fleets are managed and compliant. View real-time route completion tracking by accessing live service maps and utilize public information systems to communicate service level information to motorists. Systems are capable of providing motorists with mobile application and website access to receive service updates from government fleets, enabling motorists to plan their commutes accordingly, avoiding roadways that could put them in harm’s way.

Material Management

    Control costs and use of supplies by managing application rates of materials such as salt and brine, among others. Public Works provides fleet managers with insights from the controller, assisting them in making informed decisions to regulate material usage and to safeguard motorways and natural environment.

IOX Expansion

    Integrate additional sensors through Geotab’s IOX system. This includes driver identification, tire pressure monitoring, PTO usage, light bar on/off, plow up/down, and live streaming cameras.

Mapping and Spatial Outputs

    Employ live tracking to ensure appropriate levels of service compliance by utilizing interactive maps and geospatial reporting illustrating which roads have been serviced.


    Customize solution and database organization to ensure fleet needs and goals are met and exceeded.

Components of Public Works
Public Works software Add-In
Accessed through the MyGeotab platform
Snow Plow hardware composed of the GO9 device, IOX-10X Controller Gateway, and up to 8 additional sensors.

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