Smart Cities

Geotab has created the Smart City Solution.

Reinvent your fleet as smart city sensors, working together to improve traffic safety across the region, reduce traffic congestion and streamline operations. Data can be transformed into actionable smart city insights by incorporating vehicle data with the capabilities of third-party suppliers. Smart city insights can assist municipalities in dissecting complex transportation patterns, monitoring traffic safety and road conditions, exploring investments in digital infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Geotab’s smart city insights provide specific city and citizen stakeholders with data-driven and actionable information that can be used to develop and justify solutions, support strategic municipal investments in smart city technologies, and make educated predictions of future behaviors or activities.

  • Reduce traffic related fatalities and injuries 
  • Explore hyper-local air quality mapping
  • Employ dynamic traffic signal phasing
  • Detect collisions utilizing real-time notifications 
  • Streamline commercial flow of goods
  • Proactively dispatch first responders
  • Gain insight from idling & fuel consumption trend reports
  • Lower GHG emissions

Benefits of Smart City Solutions
Traffic Optimization

    Analyze the efficiency of existing traffic solutions and explore potential future investments in intelligent transportation using city-wide traffic insights. Available reporting assists in gaining intelligence allowing management of traffic congestion levels, reduction of travel times and improvement of roadway safety by predicting and reacting to changing road conditions. 

Safety Insights for Safer Roads

    Assess dangerous traffic conditions by utilizing connected vehicle datasets, allowing proactive communication of appropriate warnings to citizens where necessary, including high-risk driving areas, hazardous driving conditions, and traffic calming measures. Smart City datasets include Environment, Infrastructure, Mobility and Safety.

Environmental Benefits

    Sustainability offices and departments can identify regions that have a higher proportion of air pollutants by utilizing data that maps hyperlocal air quality, emissions and idling hotspots. Department with access to this valuable data are able to proactively implement solutions that mitigate or eliminate citizen risks.

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