All Drivewyze Services are Now Available to USA Fleet Solutions
Customers through the Geotab Drive App

As a leader in truck-to-infrastructure connected vehicle, Drivewyze makes it easier than ever for your Fleet to successfully get from point A to B with safely and efficiently, through the use of targeted and relevant in cab communications.

In-Cab Messaging for your entire journey

Drivewyze – PreClear Weigh Station Bypass
Drivewyze PreClear rewards safe driving with legal bypasses at weigh stations across North America, saving your fleet time and money. With ease of use as a focus and with no transponder required PreClear offers almost 3x the bypass opportunities as any other provider, meaning less time slowing down for inspections and more time en route.

To learn more about PreClear weigh station bypass, click here.

To view Weigh Station Bypass coverage map – click here.

Safety Notifications
Drivewyze Preclear subscribers also have the opportunity to receive Free Safety Notifications. This provides truck drivers with in-cab alerts before they enter areas with elevated risk. Including low bridges, high rollover zones, steep grades and more.

To learn more about Safety Notifications, click here.

Elevate Safety and notify your Drivers when it is most important to do so. Safety + provides in-cab alerts notifying your drivers to approaching known speed violation zones, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, and high collision zones.

The Custom Alert feature allows managers to create additional in-cab alerts based on the specific fleet needs or specific safety practices. Leverage these alerts through the reporting which allows you to coach and educate your drivers for a safer fleet on the road.

To learn more about Custom Alerts and other features of Safety+, click here.

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