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Analytics Manager

A comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-read view into your fleet’s performance.

Analytics Manager goes beyond providing static data spreadsheets by converting critical information from Omnitracs applications into actionable and easy-to-use dashboards, graphs, and tables. With Analytics Manager, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your fleet’s operational performance and the ability to make quicker and more informed business decisions. This timely and streamlined information helps improve safety, compliance, fuel management, and overall efficiency.

Analytics Manager Basic provides the fundamental set of analytical and visual tools that offer insight into your fleet’s performance for enhanced safety, compliance, and fuel consumption management.

Analytics Manager Deluxe meets the needs of fleets that require more advanced analytical capabilities. By combining data from multiple Omnitracs applications, Analytics Manager Deluxe delivers industry benchmarking, expanded drilldown capability, driver and fleet scorecards, and consolidated views of trends across multiple performance areas.

Make better and timelier business decisions.

Analytics Manager provides information you can act on. The Analytics Manager application provides dashboards, graphs, report cards, and summary reports that make performance easier to understand, navigate, and interpret. With a click of the mouse, you and your managers can quickly drill down from fleet views to isolate specific groups and drivers. Color-coded alerts, which are set to your customized thresholds, help you identify performance issues immediately.

See how Analytics Manager goes to work for you:

  • Performance Information in One Place
    View relevant performance data for your entire fleet and for your Omnitracs applications in a single location.
  • Industry Benchmarking
    Compare your fleet’s performance to anonymized averages for other Omnitracs-equipped fleets.
  • Multi-level Drill-down Capability
    Quickly explore your fleet’s performance at the fleet, group, driver, vehicle, and event level.
  • Customization Tools
    Manage user access, assign different weights, and set performance thresholds to accurately measure and customize your performance criteria.
  • Visual Tools
    Quickly identify good and poor performance with executive dashboards, graphs, tables, and color coding.
  • Querying and Presentation
    Query for information across date ranges you choose, and print, export, or save it as PDF’s.
  • Trending Analysis
    View graphs that provide performance trends over chosen time periods and enable comparisons at the fleet, driver, groups, and industry levels.
  • Performance Ranking
    Quickly identify the best and worst performers across selected performance metrics.
  • State Miles Reporting
    View miles driven across the 48 contiguous states, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Contextual Help
    Detailed, context-based “Help” is embedded within the application to provide quick and easy answers to your questions.
  • Data Exporting
    Export performance data into common file formats for use with other applications or reports.

*Among the features described above, some may be unique to or enhanced in Analytics Manager Deluxe.

See what Analytics Manager can do for your business:

  • Saves Time and Money
    Reduces the time and need for a financial analyst to generate usable information and reports.
  • Creates Actionable Information
    Converts data from various Omnitracs applications into information you can act on.
  • Improves Decision Making
    Allows your fleet to make timely and informed decisions regarding critical operational, safety, and business issues.
  • Increases Management Efficiency
    Provides managers with tools to manage by exception and holistically view the performance metrics that impact their bottom line.

With Analytics Manager, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your fleet’s operational performance and the ability to make quicker and more informed business decisions.

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