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GPS Fleet Solutions

GPS Fleet Solutions

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are ideal solutions for fleet managers due to the capabilities of the software and hardware. When you have received our complete training program, implemented our GPS fleet solutions technology, and have set goals and objectives with the help of our expert training staff, you will be running a greener and more cost efficient fleet.

Adjusting to real-time analytics data from your fleet becomes second-place once you have implemented our GPS fleet solutions. Suddenly your job get’s easier. But, if you ever find that you require further assistance, our enthusiastic customer support team is here to make sure you stay ahead.

How to Operate a More Cost Effective Fleet

We will continue to pursue the next-generation of fleet tools and programs that are easy to use and help carriers meet, from the most basic to complex of driver management requirements. We are able to work with fleets of all sizes and operational profiles to develop and implement efficient fleet solutions that work.

Fleet management systems provide the data you need to analyze short- and long-term vehicle usage and driving patterns to identify problem areas and take action for improvement.

Traditional Versus Animated Maps

Typically, a map answers the question “Where?” However, when we’re looking at vehicles, the question we often want to ask is “What?” What is going on? Location is only part of the answer. To illustrate the point, let’s look at the example of a vehicle turning a corner.

A traditional map shows the vehicle making a turn from one street to another with two map markers: one before the turn and one after. What can it tell us? Well, not much, apart from the fact that vehicle indeed made a turn.

On an animated map, the vehicle moves across the screen in near real-time. The turn is shown as a smooth, fluid movement. This is live GPS tracking.

Animation allows us to draw further insights into:

  1. Driver Behavior — We might notice, for example, that the vehicle didn’t slow down during the turn and we’d better to switch on the fleet’s harsh braking rule in MyGeotab.
  2. Road and Environmental Conditions — Or, we might notice that after the turn vehicle started to move extremely slowly with frequent stops. Why? Is something wrong with the pavement? Is it safe to take this route to begin with? Should we instruct other fleet members to take a detour?

These are the sorts of questions that would never be asked. With traditional static maps, there is the risk of overlooking the problem. Seeing how things happened, leads us to ask the why questions and gain a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s activities.

The Benefits of GPS Fleet Solutions

  • Manage CSA Requirements
  • Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) Compliance
  • Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Use
  • Reduce Fleet Labor and Operating Expenses
  • Improve Fleet Security and Safety
  • Improve Fleet Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Operate a Green Fleet, Go Green

Our assessment, integration, custom development and programming, training, business intelligence, and predictive modeling services deliver practical solutions. This critical information increases your productivity and efficiency, so you can both grow and stand out among competitors.

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GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.




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