Eliminate Unauthorized Use

Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Use

Serving as another set of eyes on the road, USA Fleet Solutions will help you eliminate unauthorized fleet use and vehicle misuse. Unauthorized vehicle use presents a huge risk to your fleet. If you have drivers that are using their vehicles for personal use, any accidents can still negatively affect your fleet.

GPS fleet solutions will allow you to monitor when a vehicle is in operation that could potentially be outside of normal use. Know where your vehicles are at all times as GPS fleet tracking regulates unauthorized vehicle use both on and off the clock to combat unnecessary expense and liability.

  • Easily confirm that required stops have been made
  • Replay any movements made by your vehicles
  • Identify movement of your vehicles outside of regular business hours

Just the fact that your drivers know you are using GPS technology to monitor vehicle location will be enough to deter any unauthorized vehicle use.

24 Hour Vehicle Tracking

When your drivers know that you have the ability to access vehicle location information, along with how long the vehicle has been stopped and when it starts moving again, that is usually enough to deter any unauthorized vehicle use.

USA Fleet Solutions will help you put an end to driving home for lunch, running errands, off-route driving, including driving outside your preset geofence boundaries, taking extended breaks on company time, performing side-jobs, or using vehicles outside of business hours.

How To Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Use with a Geofence

You don’t need to constantly monitor each of your vehicles location to identify unauthorized vehicle use.  A geofence is a virtual perimeter or a fence around a geographical real-world area of interest.

With geofencing, users are able to draw virtual perimeters around places of work, customers’ sites, airports, gas stations, entire states, homes, and more. It can also be a critical component for analyzing fleet behavior when combined with exception reporting and notifications. There are several benefits that can be gained through making use of geofencing, some of which include:

  • Establishing driver accountability
  • Increasing productivity
  • Tracking high value assets

Real-Time Access Gives Fleet Managers Intelligent Data on Driver and Fleet Performance

The real value of GPS fleet management isn’t just gathering volumes of data on the location and performance of your vehicles. It’s using that data to change driver behavior in ways that lower costs and boost productivity. And that’s where today’s GPS vehicle tracking systems truly excel – with robust reporting capabilities that give you a big picture overview of your fleet’s performance.

After its installed, the GPS tracking hardware automatically transmits vehicle and asset data over a secure wireless network to the provider’s data center.

Geotab Telematics Security

Then in comes telematics, that provides remote cellular connection to the vehicle communication network. Like door locks that restrict access to the vehicle contents, telematics security is intended to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle network.

Geotab takes a rigorous approach to security and has gone to great lengths to secure the connection between the vehicle and the user interface. Geotab also takes pride in being active in SAE committees and conferences regarding security and belong to groups to enhance security.

Geotab is working with industry stakeholders including (industry associations like SAE, IEEE, Auto-ISAC, Universities, regulators, OEMs) and shares best practices developed with our customers and competitors alike to keep the connected vehicle secure.

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

Geotab Telematics Pillar Driver Safety

Measuring the return your vehicles provide for your business is key for successful fleet management.




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