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As fuel and other costs continue to rise you need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve fleet productivity, efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas, while allowing your company to advertise itself as a Green Fleet. Go green and save green by utilizing our wireless fleet management technology to help you reach your goal of a green fleet.

Your fleet will reduce vehicle emissions and fuel costs, all the while improving operating efficiency. You need to understand that not all wireless fleet management systems are alike. Most systems are limited in their monitoring capabilities and rely solely upon global positioning system (GPS), which may be inadequate in providing the complete picture in regards to vehicle performance for each vehicle in your fleet.

USA Fleet Solutions wireless tracking devices provide the solutions your business needs to become more eco-friendly and improve your fuel efficiency. Connecting directly to the vehicle’s engine computer, the fleet management system can relay critical information in real-time using the wireless fleet management software. This software reports:

  • Mileage
  • Exact fuel consumption
  • Speed and Idle-time

These advantages will significantly enhance your fleet’s ability to reduce emissions and operating costs.

If a truck idles six hours a day, and operates 300 days a year, it would consume 1,800 gallons of fuel per year, simply idling.

*Information taken from turnyourengineoff.org as of May 2013.

Solution For A Green Fleet

  • Reduce idle time
  • Reduce speeding
  • Optimize routing
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage with Geofencing
  • Real-time emissions monitoring (remote smog check)

Measure your fleet’s efficiency daily and make improvements where necessary. Knowing the location of your drivers has never been so easy and convenient. By using GPS technology, studies have shown that your fleet mileage and overall travel will be minimized resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and fleet emissions. By using a wireless fleet management system with diagnostic monitoring, you can easily achieve a green fleet. This is an important step for your company to become more eco-friendly and productive while preventing costly vehicle maintenance issues.

Advertise Your Green Fleet

When you implement our products into your fleet and you have taken steps to reduce pollution and operate a green fleet, you want to make sure to advertise these facts on your website and other marketing materials. Sure, some of your customers will not care about your efforts, but the segment of the general population that would highly favor doing business with an eco friendly company is growing at an astonishing pace. The fact that you are doing your part to save our environment will not only save you money but will definitely help to earn your company additional business.

Go Green, Save Green and earn more Green with Fleet Solutions

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We understand the importance for fleet managers to know vehicle location.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.


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