Improve Fleet Productivity

How to Improve Fleet Productivity

Improve Fleet Productivity

When you consider the total mileage each vehicle in your fleet travels per year, take a moment to think about the potential for significant inefficiencies, the costs many times are overwhelming and provide many areas to improve fleet productivity.  Plain and simple, running a fleet is expensive. Fuel prices may well be out of your control, but careful attention to fleet productivity and labor costs are more calculable and within your ability to improve. Successful fleet management will improve your fleet productivity and ultimately increase profits, efficiency, reduce costly repairs, and reduce environmental impact. This is the NetworkFleet advantage.

Increase Fleet Productivity With GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Track real-time product delivery
  • Calculate more efficient delivery routing, employee scheduling and overtime
  • Maximize fleet production with increased deliveries per day utilizing NetworkFleet to Improve Routing (GPS)
  • Reduce vehicle usage, speeding, and idling for a more eco-friendly and profitable business

Fleet Productivity and Labor Cost Management

GPS Fleet Tracking will enhance fleet productivity that will increase your profit margins by allowing you to finish the same amount of work in less time. The benefits and savings to your bottom line will be indisputable. USA Fleet Solutions is an asset when it comes to fleet productivity and GPS fleet tracking systems that providing an enormous value.

With powerful fleet tracking tools to observe driver behavior and route tracking, driver productivity will be brought more into alignment of your fleet’s policies and efficiency values.  Trip report, geofence report, and critical event report offer valuable data towards more efficient routing and safety for each vehicle in your fleet.

By continuously monitoring your fleet for critical events, Critical Event Reporting helps you prevent accidents within your fleet before they occur. The Critical Event Reporting application takes advantage of on-board sensors to alert drivers and the fleet manager of their drivers following distance, lane departure, roll stability and hard breaking incidents.

GPS fleet tracking is extremely important to fleet productivity, because it gives managers the opportunity to discuss and correct potentially risky driver behaviors immediately, while the occurrences of the event are fresh in the drivers mind.

Save Money on a More Productive Fleet

The reality is that drivers will often act more appropriately when they know they are under supervision. Studies suggest that when implementing telematics devices there is a measurable increase in productivity and significant decrease in fleet miles driven. When routes are constantly being analyzed for efficiency, drivers will route themselves according to their schedule and cut out any unnecessary trips.

Real-time maintenance management allows a company to improve fuel economy, reduce down-time and even extend the life of fleet vehicles. Driver behavior modification is also a very significant benefit of telematics and really has the same result as if you were sitting in the truck with each of your drivers … imagine that! Your drivers will honor posted speed limits, not let their vehicles idle as long and avoid radical driving behaviors such as hard acceleration and braking resulting in significant improvements to fuel economy, reducing vehicle maintenance costs and reducing your fleet accident rates.

Beneficial Reports for Fleet Productivity:

  • Trip Reporting
  • Fleet Utilization Report
  • Landmarks & Geofences
  • Begin-End of Day Report
  • Critical Event Report

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