Improve Fleet Safety

Improve Fleet Safety

Improve Fleet Safety and Security

Improve your fleet communications, delivery expectations and alerts to improve fleet safety, fleet security and productivity with USA Fleet Solutions. Our powerful suite of applications will help you save money by streamlining your business operations, but not at the cost of security. Your operations will become more efficient and you will have the tools you need to increase visibility, track vehicle and driver performance, manage fleet safety and compliance all while lowering your company’s risk exposure and increasing safety.

Learn how to simplify HOS Compliance

How We Improve Fleet Safety

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Remote Engine Diagnostics
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Restrict Areas or Times of Day
  • Maintenance Alerts/Recall Notices
  • Monitor Position, MPH, MPG and Idle Time
  • Immediate Violation Alerts: Speeds, Idle Times, Locations, Odd Hour Movement

Turn your fleet’s data into information that improves fleet safety, fleet security, compliance, and overall efficiency. You can manage driver safety behaviors and prevent accidents by monitoring for safety-related events using Critical Event Reporting.

Focus on Fleet Safety with Critical Event Reporting

We improve fleet safety by continuously monitoring your vehicles for critical events, Critical Event Reporting helps you prevent accidents within your fleet before they even occur. The Critical Event Reporting application takes advantage of on-board sensors to alert drivers and fleet managers of the drivers following distance, lane departure, roll stability and hard breaking incidents.

The real time fleet safety information our device provide is extremely important, because it gives managers the opportunity to discuss and correct potentially risky driver behaviors immediately, while the occurrences of the event are fresh in the mind of the driver, rather than having to wait for days with some other products.

Encourage and Reward Safe Driving

Companies are leveraging the data these Critical Event Reporting applications provide to create driver scorecards. The purpose is to not only encourage safe driving habits, but to foster friendly competition between drivers especially if you plan on rewarding your drivers for their safe driving habits.

In addition, if an accident were to ever occur. The Critical Event Reporting application serves as a “black box” that will store all the factual information regarding the incident. Would that encourage your drivers to act more responsibly on the road?

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

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We understand the importance for fleet managers to know vehicle location.


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Improve Fleet Security