Increased Visibility

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Increased Visibility & Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking will greatly increase your fleet visibility. Imagine the simplicity of entering an address, landmark, vehicle label, or latitude and longitude coordinates and getting a printable map, plus, turn-by-turn directions.

Dispatching and vehicle tracking becomes much easier when you can see your fleet on the screen. Predictive analytics and exception management capabilities allow you to hone in on any shipments that are likely to fail to meet your operational timelines so you can mitigate and eliminate potential disruptions before they occur. Easily dispatch to a specific location, address or another vehicle.

Utilization of our powerful vehicle tracking tools will significantly increase fleet visibility for management, which has continually proven to reduce down time, improve routing and dispatch, and reduce fuel costs for your entire fleet.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Serving as another set of eyes on the road, USA Fleet Solutions will help you eliminate unauthorized vehicle use and vehicle misuse through GPS vehicle tracking. Unauthorized vehicle use presents a huge risk to your fleet. If you have drivers that are using their vehicles for personal use, any accidents can still negatively affect your fleet.

With USA Fleet Solutions, you will be able to monitor when a vehicle is in operation that could potentially be outside of normal use. Know where your vehicles are at all times as GPS vehicle tracking regulates unauthorized vehicle use both on and off the clock to combat unnecessary expense and liability.

  • Easily confirm that required stops have been made.
  • Replay any movements made by your vehicles.
  • Identify movement of your vehicles outside of regular business hours.

Just the fact that your drivers know you use GPS vehicle tracking technology to increase fleet visibility will be enough to deter any unauthorized vehicle use.

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Recording high quality information and making it simple to set up rules that immediately coach drivers to improve their driving is what Geotab is about. Manage your safe driving policies, like speeding and idling, by playing an audible alert buzzer or with an add-on to coach the driver with spoken words. Immediate feedback will improve safe driving practices, and improve fleet safety, as drivers can then take corrective actions as events occur in the vehicle.

Accident Detection & Notification

If an accident is detected, an email or desktop alert can be set up which provides the manager with the first notice of loss. If a suspected accident is detected, detailed forensic data will be automatically uploaded from the device to allow for forensic reconstruction of the event. What’s more, the GO8 also has the unique ability to detect in-vehicle reverse collisions.

Protect Your Data with Geotab’s End-to-End Platform Security

We use authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification for Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices and network interfaces. Each Geotab GO tracking device uses a unique ID and non-static security key, making it difficult to fake a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify that updates comes from a trusted source.

Our Security Strengths:

  • End-to-end security using authentication
  • Encryption
  • Message integrity verification
  • Individualized devices with unique ID
  • Non-static security keys
  • Digitally-signed firmware
  • Independent third-party expert validation

24 Hour Vehicle Tracking

USA Fleet Solutions will help your company increase fleet visibility with advanced GPS vehicle tracking. Put an end to unauthorized vehicle use, like; driving home for lunch, running errands, off-route driving, including driving outside your preset geo-fence boundaries, taking extended breaks on company time, performing side-jobs, or using vehicles outside of business hours.

Geotab Transforming Fleets

The quality of the decisions you make is only as good as the information you receive.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.




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