Overall Value

Manage CSA Requirements

USA Fleet Solutions offers a variety of tools to help drivers and fleets remain compliant and on the road. The CSA was designed to help identify carriers with poor safety management practices and to arm the agency with a new arsenal of intervention methods to combat non-compliance.

Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) Compliance

Our award winning EOBR device, fleet management applications and compliance consulting services are your company’s best tools in managing FMCSA regulations and compliance.

Improve Fleet Security and Safety

Improve your fleet communications, delivery expectations and alerts to maximize your fleet safety, security and productivity with USA Fleet Solutions. Our powerful suite of applications will help you save money by streamlining your business operations, while increasing safety and security for your fleet.

Increased Visibility

Imagine the simplicity of entering an address, landmark, vehicle label, or latitude and longitude coordinates and getting a printable map, plus, turn-by-turn directions. Dispatching and vehicle tracking becomes much easier when you can see your fleet on the screen.

Adopt Quickly and Easily

Adjusting to real-time analytics data from your fleet becomes second-place once you have implemented our GPS fleet solutions. Suddenly your job get’s easier. This critical information increases your productivity and efficiency, so you can both grow and differentiate your business from the competition.

Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

With fuel costs accounting for about 30%-40% of your fleet’s total operating costs, reducing fleet fuel consumption simply makes good business sense. With real-time fuel reports you are able to improve your fleet’s fuel economy and observe side-by-side fuel data that will allow you to monitor any driving behavior that is linked to increased fuel costs.

Eliminate Unauthorized Use

Know where your vehicles are at all times as GPS tracking regulates unauthorized vehicle use both on and off the clock to combat unnecessary expense and liability.

Reduce Fleet Labor Costs

When you implement GPS technology to track your fleet, you will know exactly when your drivers begin and end their shifts, where they went and how many jobs they completed each day.

Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

USA Fleet Solutions can help you streamline operations and lower management costs by improving fuel consumption, trip planning, customer service, and safety. With the help of our useful suite of platforms and applications, you will be able to achieve this and more.

Improved Fleet Productivity

Fuel prices may well be out of your control, but careful attention to fleet productivity and labor costs are more calculable and within your ability to improve. Successful fleet management will improve your fleet productivity and ultimately increase profits, efficiency, reduce costly repairs, and reduce environmental impact.

Improved Customer Service

With a real-time analysis of driving patterns and location history, managers can optimize routes for each driver’s schedule. This allows them to perform more jobs each day increasing productivity, profits and customer satisfaction.

Go Green, Operate a Green Fleet

By implementing GPS technology and other green fleet solutions, studies have shown that your fleet mileage and overall travel will be minimized resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and fleet emissions.

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.




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