Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

With fuel costs accounting for about 30%-40% of your fleet’s total operating costs, reducing fleet fuel consumption simply makes good business sense. While a variety of factors, including vehicles, weather, routes, and road conditions can affect fuel consumption, it is driver behavior (such as idling, speeding, and hard braking) that can increase fuel consumption more than any other factor.

The quickest way to reduce fleet fuel consumption is to modify employee driving behavior. In essence, you need to change your drivers’ mind-set when their on the road. You can either hire a manager to tag along with your drivers or you can take advantage of a wireless fleet management system. Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager allows you to track vehicle and driver performance and assess the total financial impact.

Reduce Fuel Usage By Changing Driver Behavior

Fleet managers who have implemented wireless fleet management systems to reduce fleet fuel consumption report a quick ROI, due primarily to significant savings in fuel and other operating costs. The fuel reporting suite will allow you to:

  • Verify fuel expenses with hard data
  • Identify potential fuel card abuse
  • Reduce fuel use to in turn reduce fuel costs
  • Modify fuel-wasting driving behaviors

How We Help You Improve Fleet Fuel Consumption

If you want to reduce fleet fuel consumption, you must consider improving your employees driving behavior. Nothing will get the job done more effectively than Networkfleet’s fuel reporting suite, which will provide you with:

  • Alerts and reports for idling and speed violations
  • Fuel card reports that track fuel transactions and identify unauthorized fuel purchases
  • Fuel usage reports for detailed purchase and MPG monitoring
  • Diagnostic tools to help keep engines in optimal condition and increase fuel performance

Improved Trip Planning

Our dynamic Trip Manager application allows you to plan more effective routes as to dispatch drivers more efficiently and reduce overall driving distances. Hours of Service, integrated with dispatch software allows improvement of your load planning and customer service.

Installing a fuel reporting suite will not only improve fleet fuel consumption, but will also significantly reduce overall operating costs.

Fuel for Thought

Ultimately, lowering fuel costs is all about changing the behavior of your managers and drivers.

  • Create a culture of cost savings by educating drivers about the importance of lowering fuel consumption
  • Streamline the fuel purchasing and accounting process and reduce paperwork
  • Coach drivers to reduce idle time and drive slower
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use and fuel purchases
  • Reduce total miles driven through more efficient routing and dispatching
  • Keep engines running efficiently through timely preventive maintenance
  • Use fuel cards to gain control over fleet fuel purchases

Companies who make the switch and start using a telematics fleet management solution can significantly reduce fuel costs. However, when used in conjunction with a company’s internal policies and oversight, our powerful GPS and engine diagnostic technologies enable our customers to achieve even more fuel savings.

And these aren’t just one-time reductions in fuel costs – they represent annual savings that add more dollars to your bottom line year after year.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.


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Reduce Fuel Usage