Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

USA Fleet Solutions can help you reduce fleet operating expenses by streamline operations and lower management costs by improving fuel consumption, trip planning, customer service, and safety. With the help of our useful suite of platforms and applications, you will be able to achieve this and more.

You can use our tools and services to help reduce fleet operating costs, increase profitability, and stay competitive!

  • Optimize Fleet Size:  Our fleet utilization reports provide detailed information on each vehicle’s usage, including miles traveled, engine hours, days utilized, number of trips, and more, for specific periods of time. Fleet managers can analyze this data to reveal more accurate ways to maximize fleet productivity, with a quick ROI.
  • Reduce Labor Costs and Overtime Hours:  With Networkfleet, a single fleet maintenance specialist can monitor the status of all vehicles from a single web site. Improved routing can result in less time behind the wheel, giving employees more time to focus on work-related tasks.
  • Improve Fleet Productivity:  Increase deliveries per day using our GPS systems to improve routing and employee scheduling (overtime), track real-time product delivery, reduce vehicle usage, speeding, and idling for a more eco-friendly and profitable business.
  • Improve Trip Planning: Our dynamic Trip Manager application allows you to plan more efficient routes and keep track of drivers. Hours of Service, integrated with dispatch software, allows you to improve load planning and customer service.
  • Reduce Vehicle Repair and Vehicle Replacement Costs:  Extend the life of your fleet and lower maintenance costs with Vehicle Inspection Report. This Allows for speeding and idle time reports, maintenance and vehicle alerts, and more.
  • Lower Insurance Costs:  By reducing speed-related accidents and tickets, insurance premiums can actually drop over time.

Lower Insurance Premiums with Safe Driving

With our integrated applications, you and your drivers have immediate access to information about safety behaviors and risks. Critical Event Reporting and Performance Monitoring allow you to identify and improve drivers most at risk for unsafe driving practices, thus reducing the frequency and severity of CSA violations.

Monitoring driving behavior and vehicle conditions with Critical Event Reporting, Performance Monitoring, and Vehicle Inspection Report. In-Cab Navigation is integrated with the MCP50 and comes complete with in-motion user interface and text-to-speech capability, so that your drivers can follow turn-by-turn directions without taking their eyes off the road. Safer driving habits from your fleet will lower accident rates, lower insurance premiums, and in turn, lower fleet insurance premiums and reduce fleet operating expenses.

Route Vehicles More Effectively

Routing and dispatching your vehicles more efficiently can reduce time behind the wheel, speed up customer response times, and help prevent costly overtime for more cost-effective use of your labor force. With GPS tracking, you can instantly identify the vehicle closest to a location, find the quickest set of directions, and send those directions to a driver in seconds.

By dispatching the closest driver, you can get there faster and use less fuel in the process.

Streamline Maintenance Procedures

It’s hard for drivers to work efficiently when their vehicles don’t. That’s why preventive maintenance is such an important part of enhancing fleet productivity. With a wireless fleet management system, you can:

  • Set proactive reminders for oil changes, tune-ups, and other vehicle upkeep activities.
  • Schedule service work reminders and alerts ahead of time to limit driver downtime.
  • Use diagnostic alerts to perform preemptive maintenance instead of waiting for vehicles to break down.
  • Streamline your service scheduling process with automatic reminders and service records that provide a comprehensive history of every vehicle.
  • Eliminate paperwork – and the problem of lost or misfiled paperwork – with online vehicle service tracking and other information management capabilities.
  • Use maintenance records to identify and reduce duplicate work by mechanics and vendors.
Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

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