Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Fleet Labor Costs

Reduce Fleet Labor Costs

Running your business takes enough of your focus. You don’t want to attempt to reduce fleet labor costs by spending precious time and energy validating time sheet entries and other payroll issues.

When you implement GPS technology to track your fleet, you will know exactly when your drivers begin and end their shifts, where they went and how many jobs they completed each day. As a manager, you never want to assume that employees may be inflating the number of hours reported. Now, with USA Fleet Solutions, you’ll never have to second guess your drivers again.

Finding A Better Way with USA Fleet Solutions

Our fleet tracking software will become invaluable when it comes to helping you validate your drivers labor costs. Because you can use our reports as an electronic time sheet, you will be confident that the hours you pay were actually worked.

Helping Eliminate the Paperwork

GPS Vehicle Tracking, and the automation it creates, plays a vital role in reducing fleet labor costs when compared to unmonitored fleets. Most important is the huge reduction in paperwork and the time previously required to complete typical forms and logs. By eliminating the paperwork, you allow your employees to focus on more important aspects of their job and your business.

Raising productivity involves getting more work out of your drivers in the same amount of time – without increasing overhead.

Improve Driver Relations & Retention

Technology has paved the way for many improvements. USA Fleet Solutions features near real-time asset location and vehicle tracking to improve dispatching and vehicle routing. Dispatchers can instantly locate fleet vehicles, determine available hours of service, analyze breadcrumb history, monitor idle time, driver behavior and reduce fuel consumption. Knowing the near real-time logistics of your drivers improves dispatching of most efficient routes, reduces wasted time in traffic and looking for locations, overtime, and helps to improve customer service and job satisfaction.

Technology is also making it easier to do things like relays and interchanges, so that even over-the-road drivers can get home more often than in the past. And EOBRs will reduce paperwork headaches for drivers, cutting down on their admin time and overtime, making more room for behind-the-wheel time.

Make Driver Retention a Priority

Truck driver retention programs are growing more important everyday. If you can succeed in creating a great working environment for your own drivers, word will spread—and you’ll have your pick of the best talent on the road. With USA Fleet Solutions GPS tracking and fleet management products you are guaranteed to know the best drivers!

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.



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