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Experience and Passion

Experience and passion—two words that describe USA Fleet Solutions and our team of professionals. Our team has over 90+ years of experience ranging from old-fashioned service station management, to vehicle repair and fuel distribution. In addition, another combined 120+ years in sales and service. That guarantee’s you an experienced team.

Our true passion is tracking systems. We eat, sleep, and breathe GPS Tracking Systems for small & medium sized fleets, to large fleets, it’s what we’re good at! We value your business and pledge to offer:

  • Customized fleet install and implementation
  • Technical support and training
  • Latest application update notices for your device(s)
  • Continued Training and Support
  • Quality customer support 24/7/365

At USA Fleet Solutions you will get a dedicated team of professionals eager to help solve any problems you may be experiencing. That is the value of Experience and Passion from your team at USA Fleet Solutions and what you can come to expect.

Understanding Best Practices for Successful Deployment

Fleets are challenged daily to reduce maintenance and fuel costs in order to increase profits and remain competitive. Fleet managers are turning to wireless fleet management systems to meet these challenges. We’re here to guide your way, making Telematics and GPS tracking systems work for you.

To gain the most benefit from your fleet management system, fleet managers need to introduce it properly to their staff as well as understand how to integrate and apply the information. USA Fleet Solutions will stand beside you every step of the way during implementation, training, and provide quality customer and technical support 24/7/265.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Lower fuel expenses through improved vehicle utilization and eliminating speeding and unnecessary idle time.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through automatic odometer readings, scheduled maintenance and diagnostics monitoring.
  • Increase revenue by using more efficient routing to increase the number of jobs per day.
  • Improved customer response time through improved routing, using landmarks and clear driving directions.
  • Lower emissions through reduced idle time, fuel consumption and emissions monitoring.
  • Reduced insurance costs from fewer accidents and improved vehicle maintenance.
  • Provides GPS location data that can be used for stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Provides data for compliance with state reports and audits.

Implement Solutions that Work

With our industry-leading fleet tracking system, fleet managers can lower costs, boost productivity, improve driver safety, enhance customer service, and compete more effectively in their respective markets. We include emergency *roadside assistance to all vehicle classes, and have one of the best limited lifetime warranties in the industry.

*Contact Us for more information.

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How Much Could You Save?


Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.