Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

Our experience has been that when a company implements a new product for better efficiency and the product turns out to be unsuccessful, it is because the employee’s were not properly trained. Adequate training for new systems is crucial for employees and can make or break your efforts. We take training very seriously!

Our vow to you is this will never happen with USA Fleet Solutions!

We understand that everybody learns at a different pace, and that is why training is customized to your specific needs and requirements. Initially we will train all pertinent management and staff to give them the tools they need to get started and to help each other. We remain available 24/7/365 to answer questions and guide your team in order to receive the maximum benefit from your GPS system.

We Host User Conferences

USA Fleet Solutions also hosts user conferences designed to give you exposure to other system users and shared best practices. Discuss how you’ve learned to increase business and fleet success and efficiency with our products and training services. And learn these same techniques for success from others.

Our panel of experts are everyday users just like you. And when they discover helpful tips and techniques, they love to share them. You’ll hear about fuel savings, life saving, and fleet success stories because of implementation of our GPS fleet solutions system.

  • The same alert kept popping up and this client took their truck in to get checked. Eventually because of this issue, the vehicle burned to the ground. Because the client maintained the alert history and service records, they received a brand new truck from the dealer and manufacturer.
  • One client saved a blown transmission in a truck two weeks before it went out of warranty.
  • A county animal control department uses this system for dispatch which saved their department several hundred thousand dollars by NOT being a part of the more expensive county communications system.

These are true stories that are possible when you and your staff are adequately trained in the GPS system and how it works.

We believe that Great Training = Successful and Efficient Fleets!

On-Demand Tutorials

The On-Demand Tutorials serve as a quick and convenient way to learn more about fleet applications. Empowering the customer to troubleshoot simple issues independently. We provide links to live, web-based training, on-demand videos and detailed User Guides.

Your USA Fleet Solutions representative will train you and your team in the full operational tool when you become our client. Good training is the key to successful implementation of our GPS systems with your fleet, and that remains our goal. For more information or to schedule a LIVE DEMO, click here.

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