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ELD Training Guide: New to Advanced Users

The ELD mandate is here! You have deployed ELDs in all of your trucks and your drivers are now using the system. Now what? There are three different scenarios you could be currently experiencing: going wonderful (advanced users), still learning (basic/intermediate users), or struggling (new user running into issues).

Advanced Users: Ready for the Next Level

The first, “going wonderful” scenario is the best place to be. You have set up processes to ensure you can manage the driver’s logs, along with how to handle unassigned logs. You have trained your drivers, and they are confident and comfortable with the system. You deserve a pat on the back — well done!

You may be wondering, “Now what?” With so much data at your fingertips, it’s time to use this data to help you manage and monitor your fleet in the most efficient way.

Basic/Intermediate User: We Need Some Fine-tuning

Have you deployed ELDs and completed some training, but still find yourself answering a lot of questions from drivers? Maybe there are a lot of unassigned logs that you just don’t have time to deal with. What should you do?

The number one solution to this problem is to carry out ongoing ELD training, and develop processes to handle ELD questions or issues. You may think you do not have time to do this, but we have seen that the fleets which take the time to ensure drivers and staff are fully trained, are able to significantly reduce logging mistakes and unassigned logs.

Having exempt drivers drive ELD vehicles will also create unassigned logs as each vehicle will create a trip when it goes over 5 mph (per regulations) that must either be assigned or annotated. One way of avoiding unassigned logs in this scenario, is using NFC keys. This is assigning a key fob to each driver and they use the key fob with the NFC reader to automatically assign that trip to that driver reducing the number of unassigned logs. This is a great solution for exempt drivers to use.

Do not try to wing it — you will struggle for months and it will cause you more headaches, more work and more money.

IOX-NFCREADER NFC driver id fob
Using NFC Driver ID keys can help avoid the issue of unassigned ELD logs.

New User: Help! We Have Issues.

If you have an ELD solution from another provider and it’s not working for you, we would encourage you to review your processes and the ELD training provided. If the problem seems to be your ELD, then it’s not too late to look elsewhere. Fleet compliance and driver satisfaction is too important to risk.

Work with a Trusted ELD Provider

USA Fleet Solutions in partnership with Geotab combine to offer hundreds of thousands commercial drivers success using Geotab Drive as an ELD solution. Geotab Drive is fully compliant with the ELD regulations with over 140 Engineers supporting our solution. For more information please Contact USA Fleet Solutions today!


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