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Fleet Management Systems for Government Agencies

Today’s government fleet managers must deal with shrinking budgets, government mandates regarding fleet size and utilization, and aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. With the right fleet management system, most jurisdictions can achieve significant operational improvements that help lower costs and optimize fleet performance.  Networkfleet provides the tools and data needed for busy fleet managers to understand and effectively manage the many aspects of their fleet’s performance.

Lower Greenhouse Emissions

Use Networkfleet reports about speeding, idle time, and unauthorized vehicle use to help reduce greenhouse gas production. Continuously monitor emissions to keep vehicles in compliance and help achieve emission reduction targets.

Save Time and Money

Use information from vehicle diagnostic reports to create proactive maintenance plans which will help control repair costs and reduce downtime, while helping to improve service to constituents and driver safety.

Achieve Fleet Efficiency Goals

Utilizing Networkfleet’s powerful GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities, USA Fleet Solutions can help you produce fleet-wide reductions in costs while meeting fleet size and vehicle utilization mandates. 3D mapping technologies and built-in Garmin integration help supervisors and drivers manage workloads and improve routing.

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