Collision Reconstruction

Collision reconstruction with telematics is the process of using telematics data to understand the events that occurred before, during, and after a collision.

Telematics data is highly valuable because it provides an accurate, scientific record of events. It allows you to go beyond word-of-mouth testimony. The granularity of the data can tell you many things about the accident. Telematics makes it possible to gain a broader perspective by looking at the historical patterns for a specific driver or vehicle.

MyGeotab offers access to a number of different types of data that are critical to collision reconstruction, including the Trips History, Accident and Log Data, Speed Profile, and the Accelerometer and RPM graphs. By reviewing and analyzing this data, you can verify the events of the accident.

Reviewing Accident Data

MyGeotab provides key information about what happened before, during, and after the collision.

Map & Trips History — The Map shows you the date, time, and location of the event and provides contextual information about the event, such as whether it occurred at an intersection or parking lot.

Accidents & Log Data — Provides a useful, graphical representation of the engine data and acceleration.

Speed Profile — See a real-time graph of the speed of the vehicle.

Accelerometer Graph — Provides a useful, graphical representation of the engine data and acceleration.

Exceptions Report — The Exceptions page provides a summary of all exception rules that have been broken within a specific time period. It is important to consult the Exceptions report if acceleration rules are involved, or if you’re working in an industry where there is an auxillary set up, or diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) coming through the engine.

Encourage and Reward Safe Driving

The Driver Safety Scorecard Report is designed to maximize driver safety and identify a fleet’s riskiest drivers. This report will complement any fleet’s safety measures, and act as a powerful tool for gauging their drivers’ safety risk. Specifically, the Driver Safety Scorecard Report can help to:

  • Recognize safer drivers
  • Reduce possible accidents
  • Enhance internal safety policy
  • Mitigate potential for traffic violations
  • Improve insurance rates
  • Minimize vehicle downtime

The Roadmap for Future Developments

With the power of big data, we can now look at accidents at a larger scale. USA Fleet Solutions is taking full advantage of the technologies available to analyze driver patterns and provide more accurate information upon accidents. Predictive analytics will become an integral part of fleet safety management.

Fleets will be able to use big data to identify factors contributing to potential accidents and increasing a driver’s level of risk, such as location, weather, time of day, vehicle type, and specific driving patterns. The advanced analytics tools we are working towards will provide the exact information you need at your fingertips for analyzing point of impact and rollovers.


Safety is an essential part of managing a fleet and placing emphasis on safety practices can lead to a tremendously positive outcome for business health, culture, and profitability. The direct and indirect costs of unsafe driving behavior are largely avoidable, especially with effective coaching and well-established safety measures.

Through telematics, fleets have direct visibility into unsafe driving behaviors, and the tools to set acceptable thresholds in which to analyze and measure them.

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