Critical Event Reporting

Critical Event Reporting

Critical Event Reporting

Wouldn’t it be great to be made aware of and correct unsafe driving habits before they cause accidents? That is exactly what our Critical Event Reporting (CER) application is designed to do.

Technology is changing how companies encourage and reward safe driving habits while correcting your drivers risky driving behaviors. Critical Event Reporting provides you with  the real time information you need to proactively manage your drivers driving behaviors.

Benefits of Critical Event Reporting

  • Proactively identify and respond to unsafe driving behaviors before accidents happen.
  • Provides driver/truck ID, time/date, position/location, and hours of service (HOS) status as the critical event happens.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Reduce liability exposure.
  • Increase operational efficiency.

Focus on Safety With Critical Event Reporting

By continuously monitoring your vehicles for critical events, Critical Event Reporting helps you prevent accidents within your fleet before they even occur. The Critical Event Reporting application takes advantage of on-board sensors to alert drivers and the fleet manager of their drivers following distance, lane departure, roll stability and hard breaking incidents.

The real time data our device provides is extremely important, because it gives managers the opportunity to discuss and correct potentially risky driver behaviors immediately, while the occurrences of the event are fresh in the mind of the driver rather than having to wait for days after an event occurs to gather information about an incident and address it with the driver.

Encourage and Reward Safe Driving

Companies are leveraging the data these Critical Event Reporting applications provide to create driver scorecards. The purpose is to not only encourage safe driving habits, but to foster friendly competition between drivers especially if you plan on rewarding your drivers for their safe driving habits.

In addition, if an accident were to ever occur. The Critical Event Reporting application serves as a “black box” that will store all the factual information regarding the incident. Would that encourage your drivers to act more responsibly on the road?

How to Improve Fleet Safety

USA Fleet Solutions offers intelligent options for safe driving behavior.

TILI Logistics Testimonial

As it grew from a small regional trucking firm into a national carrier, TILI Logistics Corp. faced new challenges.



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Benefits of Critical Event Reporting