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In-Cab Navigation

In-Cab Navigation and More Efficient Dispatching

The cab certainly isn’t the place it used to be. Portable GPS navigation devices such as the Garmin or Tom Tom have advanced how drivers navigate the roads. The key is to make that data work for your business.

What exactly is fleet dispatching? Turns out it’s more than just assigning drivers a manifest full of stops and hoping for the best at the end of the run. If you surveyed businesses across different industries, most likely you’d find just as many different ways of managing dispatch operations. That’s where dispatch management comes in. Dispatch with telematics responds to modern routing challenges by providing a higher level of fleet visibility, control, accountability, and efficiency.

Digging deeper, at the heart of dispatch management is “routing.” Routing can vary greatly based on the industry-specific requirements. It involves much more than just finding the best route between two points.

Routing means getting each driver out on the road as fast as possible, in the right vehicle, with the right qualifications and eligibility, and completing each stop based on time frames or customer expectations.

A Better Way to Deliver

Technology and software has become an integral part of fleet productivity today. Advanced routing, found in GIS technology can now be accessed via web-based software on a mobile smartphone or tablet.

The age of using whiteboards to manage dispatch is over. Tracking, delivery, and communication can now be carried out through a mobile platform.

Each driver will typically have a smartphone or tablet, requiring less than 500 MB worth of a data plan. The app on the device will facilitate everything the driver needs to do their job: signature capture, scanning, pictures, reading trouble tickets, etc. In-app chat messaging can even cut down mobile spend.

The definition of “optimized routing” has changed from “the quickest delivery run” to the optimization of each individual driver’s day and workflow.

New Advances in Fleet Dispatch Management:

  • Telematics integration for real-time GPS tracking and ETAs
  • Wireless communication
  • Optimized route sequencing
  • Digital signature capture
  • Barcode scanning support
  • Reporting: efficiency, profitability, exception
  • ERP Integration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support
  • CRM and Telematics add-ons and APIs

By harnessing the power of real-time GPS tracking, cloud and smartphone technology, and telematics integration, fleets can realize the cost-savings and efficiency of true dispatch management.

Geotab Co-Pilot Truck

Truck navigation to help keep drivers safe, compliant and efficient

CoPilot Truck provides safe, reliable truck-legal navigation drivers can depend on. It is the only in-cab navigation solution to offer industry-standard PC*MILER routing. Map data is stored on-board the device so there’s no reliance on mobile data downloads for navigation and routing.

CoPilot Truck features an easy-to-use driver friendly interface, non-distracting guidance views, truck-specific POIs, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve driver safety and driver satisfaction by providing safe and reliable guidance throughout the planned route
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing out-of-route mileage by 7-10% on average
  • Reduce risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions with truck-legal routing
  • Maximize fleet-wide productivity with streamlined communication from the back office to the cab
  • Improve driver retention & recruiting by providing drivers an effective yet easy to use tool to succeed in their job
  • Safe, accurate industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names
  • Safely maneuver lane changes with real road signage and lane assist guidance plus our unique ClearTurn view

Please Contact USA Fleet Solutions for more information on how to implement a more comprehensive in-cab navigation system that will improve dispatch and routing for your fleet, large or small.

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