Hours of Service

Hours of Service Compliance

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance

The FMCSA announced new Hours of Service (HOS) rule changes that will forever change how drivers maintain their logs. Unfortunately, as the HOS compliance rules becomes more complex, the opportunity to make a mistake grows exponentially with it. HOS violations may lead to higher insurance premiums, fewer contracts and even out-of-service orders. Drivers that still attempt to operate on paper logs will find it near impossible to stay compliant going forward.

Electronic Driver Logs will be essential as the only indisputable way to comply with the new laws.

Hours of Service, EOBR & ELD Regulations

Let your drivers focus on what they need to, driving safely and efficiently. Paper logs will now be a liability and may increase your company’s exposure to risks, such as higher costs due to compliance breaches, reduced productivity, and operational inefficiency. The MCP50 automates your driver logs and is fully compliant with the latest EOBR regulations of the FMCSA.

With USA Fleet Solutions, your company will ensure Hours of Service compliance, reduced number and duration of inspections and improved driver productivity and safety.

More Efficient HOS Compliance

  • Real time monitoring of HOS compliance will improve reporting accuracy.
  • Generates automatic updates regarding duty status, driving time, and remaining hours of service.
  • Dispatchers can access driver availability and customized driver-management and safety-audit reports.
  • Your company will save time and money without paper logs to process.
  • HOS automatically notifies both drivers and dispatchers, in near real-time, of impending or actual violations.
  • Drivers have easy access to 24/7 hotline support for roadside inspections and audits.
  • Drivers can view, save, and print their logs using a Web browser through the HOS driver portal.
  • Drivers enter non-driving duty status changes through the intuitive, easy-to-use driver display.

Your driver’s will require a way to prove their Hours of Service in the event of an inspection.  An Electronic Driver’s Log will eliminate fines and help you avoid countless hours calculating each driver’s operating time.

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HOS Compliance