Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

We offer the best fleet management solutions in the industry. Our powerful applications will streamline your business operations through efficient planning, increased asset visibility, monitoring of vehicle and driver performance, and safety management and compliance.


Telematics is much more than a portable GPS Navigation Device (GPS). Telematics today offers many more opportunities for fleet managers to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve vehicle utilization and achieve significant improvements in fuel economy.

Hours Of Service

The FMCSA announced new Hours of Service regulations that make it next to impossible to manage your HOS with paper logs. As the rules becomes more complex, the opportunity to make a mistake grows exponentially with it.

Dispatch & Navigation

Networkfleet CONNECT integrates with your Garmin device and will help you automate many of the manual processes that cut into your driver’s time and provide them with the tools they need to increase their performance.

Critical Event Reporting

By continuously monitoring your vehicles for critical events, Critical Event Reporting helps you prevent accidents within your fleet before they even occur.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Plug right in to your vehicles computer using the powertrain control module (PCM) and immediately know when fleet vehicle maintenance issues arise such as low engine oil, overheated transmission fluid, low battery voltage or even an intermittent single cylinder misfire.

Vehicle Inspection Report

The Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) application helps fleets monitor their vehicles and trailers in real time to prevent expensive breakdowns and avoid costly out-of-service violations, which negatively impact CSA maintenance scores.

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Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

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We understand the importance for fleet managers to know vehicle location.


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