Fleet Tracking with Telematics

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “telematics” is GPS tracking. Frankly, the birth of telematics was based on GPS tracking and it still serves as a primary feature of the telematics industry. However, telematics today offers many more opportunities for fleet managers to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve vehicle utilization and achieve significant improvements in fuel economy.

Benefits of Fleet Telematics Devices

GPS Fleet Tracking is an obvious benefit that most people in the industry are aware of. But, what most fleet managers don’t realize is that telematics offers so much more including fleet maintenance management and driver behavior modification. Real-time maintenance management allows a company to improve fuel economy, reducing down-time and even extending the life of fleet vehicles.

Driver behavior modification is also a very significant benefit of telematics and really has the same result as if you were sitting in the truck with each of your drivers. Imagine that! Your drivers will honor posted speed limits, reduce vehicle idle time and avoid radical driving habits, such as; hard acceleration and braking. The results are significant improvements to fuel economy, therefore reducing vehicle maintenance costs and reducing your fleet accident rates.

How Telematics Will Affect Your Bottom Line

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Speed Instances Dropped from 2000 70+ MPH instances per week to 100 in 2 months

*Eastern Municipal Water District

Idle time dropped from 15+ long idle events/week to about 5 long idle events/week

*City of Richmond, TX

12% MPG increase in Year 1

*Eastern Municipal Water District

20% MPG increase in first 5 months

*City of Richmond, TX

Miles traveled cut in half

*City of Irvine, CA

Reduces fleet size by 20% without a drop in customer service

*State of Delaware
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Benefits of Telematics