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The powertrain control module (PCM), on all modern vehicles, stores a large amount of vehicle health information and should be a vital piece in your fleet vehicle maintenance program. Vehicle maintenance data can be accessed when your vehicle is in the shop for regular maintenance by plugging into the vehicle diagnostics terminal. But, imagine the benefits of having access to vehicle diagnostic information in real time. For example, soft codes such as an intermittent single cylinder misfire, may not always be read if the incident occurred several start/stop cycles prior to the visit to the shop.

On the other hand, the MCP50 will report this and other conditions in real time such as low engine oil, overheated transmission fluid or low battery voltage. When properly used, this information will allow your fleet maintenance manager to be proactive and to resolve any conditions before they damage the vehicle or result in excessive fuel consumption.

According to AAA, even simple vehicle maintenance like regular oil changes can help to reduce engine wear and make the vehicle run cooler and last longer.

Streamline Your Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Minimizing Unauthorized Vehicle Use – According to Consumer Reports, wear and tear often accounts for nearly $0.25 per mile. By analyzing driving patterns and optimizing routes, the system can help reduce unnecessary vehicle use.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts – Typically, managers wait days or even weeks for drivers to report that a vehicle’s check engine light is on. This can cause a little maintenance problem to grow into a much larger, and more expensive problem.

Scheduled Maintenance Alerts – Fleet managers can easily establish custom maintenance alert schedules and receive emails when vehicles are due for maintenance based on mileage or other criteria.

Idle-time Data – Fleet managers utilizing Networkfleet can monitor idle-time by vehicle to determine which vehicles exceed a certain idle threshold.

Remote Smog Check – Vehicle emissions are continually monitored through a wireless network, so there is no need to have vehicles physically tested. If a vehicle goes out of emissions compliance, the fleet manager receives an email and has 45 days to fix the problem.

Automatic Odometer Readings – Access to accurate mileage information is essential to a good preventive maintenance program. We automates this process by calculating mileage using data from the vehicle’s engine computer.

Automatic Recall Notices – Our online recall notices provide fleet managers with important safety information much faster than postal mail notices from the manufacturer. This allows fleets to make repairs immediately, increase safety and beat the rush at their service provider.

Maintenance History Online – We can help fleets receive a higher resale value for their vehicles by providing a complete online service history, eliminating the need to maintain paper records.

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.


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