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Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Proactive Fleet Vehicle Maintenance & Diagnostics

Modern vehicles have the ability to generate thousands of different fault codes. These fault codes can come from the engine controller, transmission controller, brake controller, and a variety of other controllers in the vehicle. These fault codes can indicate a range of issues, from minor ones to severe problems.

A remote diagnostics system, using telematics technology, makes it easier to understand the faults and prioritize repairs. Remote diagnostics combines dynamic mapping, vehicle health reports, fault code action plans, and notification alerts. Geotab offers two remote diagnostics solutions: Navistar’s OnCommand Connection (OCC) and Cummins Connected Diagnostics. Please Contact USA Fleet Solutions for more information on these products and services.

When an engine system fault occurs, the Geotab GO7 telematics device transmits the information, along with GPS and other data, to be analyzed. Detailed information is sent to the customer, including fault descriptions, severity, and recommendations for action. The system can even map the truck location, with nearest dealer, repair shop, hotel, or local towing provider. Notification can be sent via mobile app, email, or other web services.

According to AAA, even simple vehicle maintenance like regular oil changes can help to reduce engine wear and make the vehicle run cooler and last longer.

Introducing On-board Diagnostics

The OBD port is a small diagnostic port most commonly placed underneath the steering wheel and column, within reach of the driver.

Advantages of Remote Diagnostics for Truck Fleets

Trucking fleets can use these systems to determine the severity of the fault, nearest service location, and the history of the fault. Modern diagnostics have a wealth of information available to them, but historically diagnostics were first implemented by individual manufacturers, without a common standard.

How remote diagnostics improves operations:

  • Proactive repairs and maintenance planning
  • More accurate diagnosis of issues and streamlined parts and service
  • Increased vehicle uptime and greater customer satisfaction

Streamline Your Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Taking preventative measures to eliminate the possibility of maintenance problems down the road will invariably pay off for your fleet in uptime and dollars saved. Geotab’s Maintenance Reminder feature can greatly help you with this process.

  • Always Be in the Know — Receive regular friendly reminders, either through email or text, to be alerted when a vehicle is almost due for a maintenance event. This will help you actively prevent maintenance issues from affecting your fleet and eliminate the possibility of unprecedented costly vehicle problems down the road.
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Fleet — Healthier vehicles lead to greater productivity. Vehicle downtime directly affects a vehicle’s ability to generate revenue. Eliminating unnecessary downtime will help your company maximize the revenue stemming from your fleet.
  • Predictive Maintenance Scheduling — Receiving early maintenance reminders can help you efficiently schedule necessary vehicle downtime to perform maintenance events and/or vehicle repairs.
  • Stay Organized — Organize past maintenance events to keep track of your fleet’s maintenance history. This can help you identify vehicle trends, which will further complement the preventative measures you are taking.
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