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Looking for ways to improve your fleet’s productivity and overall performance? You are welcome to view our library of free downloadable eBooks! These guidebooks provide a plethora of information to help you solve tough fleet management challenges, now and in the future. From reducing fuel usage to analyzing productivity, you’ll find what you need to increase revenue, improve dispatch & routing, maintenance, improve customer service and more!

Geotab GO9

The latest GO9 device is designed for fleet management applications and provides customers with the most sophisticated end-to-end fleet management solution on an industry leading platform – providing great productivity enhancements, safety features…

Geotab GO TALK

Prevent accidents and control costs with real-time verbal feedback that delivers customized coaching to drivers about safety and productivity. Improve dangerous or poor driving habits with in-cab spoken alerts for critical driving events such as speeding, harsh braking, seatbelt unbuckle, and excessive idling…


GO RUGGED is a ruggedized telematics device for harsh conditions or external installation. Track valuable assets, increase uptime, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Advanced GPS technology, g-force monitoring, and engine and battery health…

IoT Data Insights

Geotab is pleased to launch, a new data platform that unlocks intelligence data from our global network of connected vehicles for a multitude of innovative uses such as design of autonomous vehicles and smart cities, enhancing business…

Real-Time Visibility for Government Fleets

Geotab provides critical intelligence to lower fuel costs, reduce maintenance, and improve asset utilization. With a robust ecosystem of partner solutions and apps, Geotab can support the needs of every level of government…

Mobile Workforce Solution

Managing a utility fleet is uniquely challenging — with employees and contractors working together on numerous job sites. Staying connected to your mobile workforce is critical, especially when emergency situations…

Asset Management

Construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets, and crew on-the-go. Geotab helps you track and maintain your construction and heavy equipment vehicle assets, and provides key data insights to help…

Compare Features & Choose Your Desired Rate Plan

By going beyond price and looking at added features and security, you can find the right fit for your needs, one that will empower your fleet operations and improve ROI…

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