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Delivery Vehicle GPS Tracking

Fleet GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles

USA Fleet Solutions gives you the GPS tracking tools to manage all your delivery vehicles to optimize fleet performance and keep your customers satisfied. Wireless access to your fleet GPS tracking system from your PC, smart phone, or other mobile device enables you the freedom to manage fleet performance in the office, at home, or on the road.

By routing delivery vehicles more efficiently you will improve customer service and on-time deliveries.

  • GPS tracking lets you quickly locate the nearest vehicle to an address for faster routing.
  • Use Garmin integration to provide address and driving directions directly to drivers.
  • Geofences and on-demand fleet delivery records let you guarantee delivery arrival times.

Monitor location, speed, idle time and other vehicle metrics to improve fleet productivity.

  • Use engine diagnostic trouble code and maintenance alerts to prevent roadside breakdowns and minimize vehicle downtime.
  • Automatically schedule preventive maintenance to keep vehicles in top running condition.
  • Track vehicle speed, idle time, stops and start to improve driver productivity and safety.

Cut delivery vehicle operational expenses through GPS tracking, reporting and customer support features.

  • Detailed vehicle utilization reports streamline preventive maintenance scheduling and reduce repair, labor and replacement costs.
  • Free Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan gets your vehicles back on the road and back in business by repairing flat tires, charging batteries, and more.

Satisfied Customer Report

Company: Campbell
Oil Industry: Local Delivery

To increase the efficiency of the company’s delivery operations and reduce operating expenses due to rising fuel costs.

Install NetworkFleet GPS fleet tracking in 50 vehicles.


  • Saved $1800 in the first month by reducing idle time.
  • Increased deliveries by locating the closest vehicle to a customer.
  • Gained new customers by using USA Fleet Solutions online application as a sales tool.
  • Eliminated use of vehicles during after hours and weekends.
  • Improved efficiency by automating submission of state mileage reports.

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Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.

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Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.


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