Utility Vehicle GPS Tracking

Fleet GPS Tracking for Utility Vehicles

Utility companies must find a delicate balance between providing superior customer service and holding the line on fleet operational expenses. With USA Fleet Solutions, you can achieve both. Our industry-leading utility vehicle GPS tracking system provides important tools for utility vehicle data tracking, analysis, and reporting which will enable your fleet to:

  • Lower costs
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Maximize fleet efficiency

Utility Fleet Management

USA Fleet Solutions can take utility, cable and telecommunications fleets beyond their status quo to ensure that they meet response times and improve customer service. Our innovative technologies help fleet managers increase productivity and utility fleet management while decreasing overtime and operating costs.

Satisfied Customer Report

Company: Benfield Electric
Oil Industry: Utilities

To get a better handle on what was going on within their fleet of 54 vehicles.

Install NetworkFleet GPS fleet tracking units on all 54 vehicles, most of which are vans and light trucks.


  • Saved $10,000 annually by changing driver behavior.
  • Achieved return on investment in 18 months.
  • Gained insight into trip details, including use of inefficient routes, idling and stops.
  • Decreased fuel usage and reduced miles driven per day.
  • Eliminated use of vehicles during after hours and weekends.

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Electric Power Production, Communications, Water, Sewage, Garbage, Special Trade Contractors – Plumbing, Heating Air Conditioning, Electrical, Painting, Paper Hanging, Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal, Concrete, Plastering, Drywall, Insulation, Heavy Construction, and more.

Eliminate Unauthorized Fleet Vehicle Use

GPS Tracking helps fleet managers view fleet performance, routing, and schedule effective dispatching.

Growing Your Business with USA Fleet Solutions

Reduce overall fleet operating expenses, increase productivity and improve safety.


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Utility Vehicle Management