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Looking for ways to improve your fleet’s productivity and overall performance? You are welcome to view our library of free downloadable eBooks! These guidebooks provide a plethora of information to help you solve tough fleet management challenges, now and in the future. From reducing fuel usage to analyzing productivity, you’ll find what you need to increase revenue, improve dispatch & routing, maintenance, improve customer service and more!


Implement Networkfleet GPS Tracking

The Benefits of Implementing Verizon Networkfleet GPS Tracking Devices on Your Fleet Vehicles

If you employ a fleet of vehicles – whether five, 500, or 5,000 – you’ve likely heard of global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking technology. This innovative “telematics” technology can transform the way you manage your fleet, resulting in significant cost savings, productivity enhancements, and other operational improvements…

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Manage Government Mandates – How USA Fleet Solutions Can Help You Meet Fleet Optimization Goals

Today’s government fleet managers face a wide array of fleet management challenges. This eBook will show you how to optimize fleet performance and productivity in order to contend with shrinking budgets and meet or exceed government regulations on fleet size and emissions…

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Fleet Wireless Solutions

Control Emissions and Costs with Wireless Fleet Management Solutions

You can help the environment and reduce fleet expenses at the same time! Learn how to reduce idle time and speeding, improve vehicle maintenance, and implement other fleet management techniques that can save you money while shrinking your environmental footprint…

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Managing Fleet Fuel Costs eBook

6 Steps to Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption with USA Fleet Solutions

You can do something about the high price of fuel – by using a GPS fleet tracking system to generate significant annual fuel savings. Topics include techniques for minimizing common fuel wasters such as speeding, excessive idle time, inefficient routing, and unauthorized vehicle use.

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Boost Fleet Productivity eBook

Boost Fleet Productivity & Performance with Wireless Fleet Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking systems provide fleet operators with a powerful tool to help cut costs and operate their vehicles more efficiently. But there’s another benefit to a telematics solution that’s often overlooked – improving productivity. And not just with your drivers, but throughout your entire fleet…

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Managing Fleet Labor Costs eBook

Manage Fleet Labor Costs

This eBook covers the range of costs of running a fleet and how GPS tracking diagnostics can help you reduce the cost. More and more fleet operators are turning to telematics as an effective solution for managing their fleets with limited budgets….

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Managing Fleet Risks eBook

Managing Fleet Risks

Each year, about 20% of all fleet vehicles are involved in an accident and the costs associated with these accidents continue to climb. Compounding this issue are the associated increases in liability exposure and insurance expenses. As if this was not concern enough, fleet managers are exposed to risk in other areas as well, such as theft, unauthorized vehicle use, false accusations…

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Increase Return on Investment

Improve Your Fleet’s Return on Investment (R.O.I.)

It’s increasingly common for companies to invest in a telematics fleet management system to cut costs, improve productivity, and manage their fleets more efficiently. But when you purchase such a system, how do you know if you’re getting the best return on your investment (ROI)…

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NWF5000 Series Product Line eBook

NWF5000 Series Product Specifications

Networkfleet’s 5000 series product line is designed to enable fleets to connect with every aspect of their vehicle operations. The 5000 series hardware offers affordable wireless coverage, transmitting vehicle location, performance, diagnostics sensor event information… and the hardware also allows for seamless integration with compatible Garmin devices…

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Streamline Fleet Maintenance USA Fleet Solutions

Streamline Fleet Maintenance with Wireless GPS Tracking Solutions

For fleet managers, nothing is more important than keeping vehicles running and productive. Maintaining vehicles, including repair, upkeep and downtime, has a huge impact on a fleet’s bottom line. A proactive, preventive maintenance program helps fleet managers keep vehicle repair costs to a minimum…

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Fleet Data Integration USA Fleet Solutions

Verizon Networkfleet Data Integration

Amplify the potential of your fleet applications by leveraging the power of Verizon Networkfleet. Easily integrate GPS location and vehicle diagnostics data into your third-party software applications, such as dispatching, fleet management and asset management, for a single, data-rich tool…

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Lifecycle Service Management eBook

Lifecycle Service Management for Fleet Vehicles

With Verizon Networkfleet’s Lifecycle Service Management you will have access to a comprehensive service management suite that allows you to manage vehicle service and related costs for the life of your fleet vehicles…

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Selecting a Fleet GPS USA Fleet Solutions

How to Select a Fleet GPS Tracking System the Works for Your Fleet

A GPS-based vehicle tracking system can be a highly effective tool to help lower costs and manage your fleet more efficiently. But with so many different systems to choose from – each with a different array of features, functions, and benefits – how can you determine which will best fit your business…

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Garmin Integration for Your Fleet eBook

Garmin Integration for Fleets

Verizon Networkfleet CONNECT provides fleet managers with a robust set of field management capabilities that seamlessly integrate with compatible Garmin devices*. Networkfleet CONNECT features include: mobile dispatching, turn-by-turn navigation, jobs management as well as two-way driver messaging…

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Roadside Assistance USA Fleet Solutions

Roadside Assistance

Save time and money with Verizon Networkfleet’s Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan. When one of your vehicles suffers a roadside breakdown, we’ll help you get back on the road and back in business with the following complementary services: Towing, Locksmith Service, Battery Boost, Tire Change…

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GO7 Download

Geotab GO7

The Geotab GO7 device is even more advanced than you imagined. Designed and manufactured by Geotab, the GO7 includes a cellular modem, highly sensitive GPS and accelerometer. GO7 is a small yet extremely powerful telematics measurement tool…

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GOTALK Download

Geotab GO TALK

Prevent accidents and control costs with real-time verbal feedback that delivers customized coaching to drivers about safety and productivity. Improve dangerous or poor driving habits with in-cab spoken alerts for critical driving events such as speeding, harsh braking, seatbelt unbuckle, and excessive idling…

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Geotab Go Rugged


GO RUGGED is a ruggedized telematics device for harsh conditions or external installation. Track valuable assets, increase uptime, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Advanced GPS technology, g-force monitoring, and engine and battery health…

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Critical Event Reporting

Are you looking for a solution that can help prevent accidents in your fleet before they occur? We have a proven way to reduce unsafe driving behavior. From our years of experience working with the trucking industry, we know that successful carriers recognize the importance of driver safety…

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Hours of Service Case Study

The adoption of electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) systems continues to increase in the transportation industry, primarily in response to regulations concerning the accurate recording of driver hours as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)…

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CSA Compliance

The Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) initiative implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) poses challenges for transportation companies to completely rethink their safety management programs. This ambitious program’s scoring system measures seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs)…

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