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Solutions to 3 Common Obstacles for Businesses: Visibility

Nearly half of all small businesses fail within their first five years of operation according to The Small Business Administration. After reading this statistic, it’s apparent that small businesses are struggling. From managing costs to providing good customer service, meeting rising demands is increasingly tough without the right management system in place.GPS Turn-by-turn Directions

3 Most Common Obstacles for Small Businesses:

Lack of Visibility

As a business owner, it is hard strategizing for a different management approach, when everything is already so overwhelming. Especially when it is not obviously clear what the problem areas are. With a lack of visibility into daily business operations of your vehicles and mobile workforce, business owners may not know that excessive idling is costing them hundreds each week or that unplanned maintenance issues can decrease productivity and slow down business. Furthermore, business owners may possibly be unaware that vehicles or equipment are being under-utilized.

The key to providing great customer service and cultivating a thriving business is to optimize fleet vehicle use. With USA Fleet Solutions GPS fleet tracking, business owners gain real-time visibility into their fleets daily operations through detailed reporting programs. This provides valuable Telematics about driver behaviors that can impact your bottom line.

Fleet Tracking with Telematics
The days of shuffling paper work orders and calling drivers throughout the day to alert them of customer requests, directions or schedule changes are a thing of the past. There is an easier, quicker and more efficient way, to bridge the gap between dispatchers and drivers with USA Fleet Solutions GPS Tracking. In many states, commercial vehicles can be fined hundreds or even thousands of dollars for idling for as little as three minutes.

Save your fleet money, minimize idle time and avoid fines. Easy access to centralized information eliminates the need for and processing of paper vehicle inspection reports.

You will have the ability to assign jobs, dispatch drivers, communicate with your drivers in real time, reduce out-of-route mileage and increase fleet efficiency and compliance.

Improve Driver Productivity
Remind drivers that GPS tracking is about making them more productive in the field. With GPS tracking, drivers can:
• Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and manual processes. For example, remote engine diagnostics can automatically relay odometer information so that drivers no longer have to keep manual mileage logs.
• Get to customers/jobs faster. Dispatchers can easily identify and reroute the closest available vehicle to a new job request, reducing customer response times and improving driver productivity.
• Reduce vehicle down time. Engine diagnostic trouble codes and maintenance alerts help reduce the risk of roadside breakdowns and keep drivers on the job rather than waiting for their vehicles to be repaired.
Fleet management systems

The USA Fleet Solutions telematics solution helps you control costs, automate and streamline processes to avoid wasting time and money, and utilize your people and your vehicles more effectively. The result is a leaner, more efficient fleet that helps improve your business and your bottom line. Moreover, when drivers spend less time driving to a job or customer site and more time doing the work at the destination, it increases customer satisfaction. This can lead to new business through word of mouth and referrals, which means more work for your business and your drivers.

Fleet Reporting Services offers the capability to program and send daily, weekly and monthly detailed data reports and dispatching functions. USA Fleet Solutions web-based Telematics for GPS Tracking Systems was designed to increase efficiencies and help reduce costs by decreasing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, and emissions.

We also help reduce your carbon footprint, one step at a time.

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