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Camera Solutions for Improved Fleet Safety and Security

Outfit Your Fleet with a Visual Safety Solution

USA Fleet Solutions provides many different fleet camera platforms, ensuring we have an option that meets the needs of your fleet. Live Streaming, Wi-Fi and Standard Cameras.

In-Cab Cameras

In many cases, the in-cab video systems join other active safety technologies such as stability control systems, lane departure warning, and reactive cruise-control to improve fleet management. The back-end analysis of driver behavior through in-cab cameras provides valuable and economic benefits, even if an accident is never recorded.

A successful truck fleet management and accident prevention program demands safety systems built for exceptional service. Our cameras and automotive event recorders are high performance partners.

  • Dual-Vision XC Player
  • Monitor Displays
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Backup Cameras

We offer all-inclusive kits that include a color monitor, high resolution camera, built-in microphone, cable and harness. You can also buy rearview cameras and backup monitors individually to upgrade visual safety. By combining rear and side cameras, drivers see into the danger zones around the vehicle.

  • Low Mount Camera Kits
  • Backup Rearview Cameras
  • Backup Monitors
  • Interior Dome Cams
  • License Plate Backup cameras
  • Universal Side Cameras
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Backup Sensors

Rosco’s Backup Sensor Technology detects the distance between the vehicle and rear obstructions via ultrasonic sensors (under mount or flush mount). A wireless backup sensor kit alerts drivers to unsafe situations behind a vehicle.

  • Undermount Backup Sensors
  • Flush Mount Backup Sensors
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Mor-Vision Mirror / Monitor Systems

We cover all the safety angles. When a rearview mirror with a backup camera for commercial vehicles is required, you can count on USA Fleet Solutions to have you covered.

  • Enhance Safety with an Integrated Backup Safety System
  • Rearview Mirror / Monitor Kits for Commercial Vehicles
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Dual-Vision XC Player

Dual-Vision is a compact digital video and audio fleet safety recorder with self-managed data.

  • Records data continuously: First in, first out, loop fashion; erasing oldest data with latest, automatically, from start of ignition to a predetermined time after engine has been turned off
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DV-Pro Database Software

DV-Pro™ is the ultimate tool for fleet managers and safety professionals looking to improve database management, archiving, and reporting of Dual-Vision recorded information.

Develop efficient routes, ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations, protect your drivers, and more with vehicle fleet management software from Omnitracs. Learn More

Rosco Backup In-Cab Camera

Rosco Backup In-Cab Camera

Rosco Dual-Vision XC Player SD Card Security Lock

Rosco Dual Vision


Rosco Backup Camera System

Rosco Backup Camera

Rosco Backup Rearview Camera

Rosco Backup Rearview Camera


Undermount Backup Sensor



Rearview Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System



Dual-Vision XC Overview

Rosco Dual-Vision XC Overview Session Training Video


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