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Outfit Your Fleet with a Visual Safety Solution

Reduce the risks of moving in reverse. Simply install backup camera systems in your fleet vehicles. Drivers will be able to back out of loading areas and into parking spaces safely. They can successfully evaluate the traffic behind them.

We offer all-inclusive kits that include a color monitor, high resolution camera, built-in microphone, cable and harness. You can also buy rearview cameras and backup monitors individually to upgrade visual safety. By combining rear and side cameras, drivers see into the danger zones around the vehicle. So injuries and damages are avoided!

Be Amazed by What You Can See

Rosco backup monitors install easily on the dashboard, windshield or overhead. Drivers gain a clear image, free of blind spots. In addition to camera systems, we design truck, bus, RV and cargo van mirrors.

The heavy-duty weatherproof camera gives a 120° wide-angle view behind the vehicle or in the driver’s personal danger zone. With reliable vision equipment, large vehicles are more easily maneuvered. So let our rearview camera support teams customize the best vision safety solution for your fleets.

Backup Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

Overcome safety obstacles with Rosco backup camera systems for commercial vehicles. They’re engineered for a higher standard of vehicle vision safety. We make cameras that work reliably for all types of passenger or cargo transportation. Our products offer real benefits, from improving school bus fleet management to boosting garbage truck safety.

Our backup systems with multiple camera inputs allow you to add side cameras for all-around blind spot reductions. Choose your preferred monitor size with features tailored to your fleet needs and operational conditions.

We have the multi-camera configurations that allow for split second viewing transitions. Or you may want a commercial backup camera system with a built-in microphone. When live audio is heard through monitor speakers, drivers gain another safety resource.

We’ll help you set up a vehicle vision solution that accommodates from one to four cameras. Consider premium backup cameras for vehicles that face demanding conditions. Choose Rosco for a century of experience and made in America manufacturing.

NHTSA: New Backup Camera Mandates

By 2018, a backup camera system will be mandatory in all vehicles leased or sold in the United States. This decision was fueled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), and part of the 2007 Driving Safety Act, and was triggered by the growing number of accidents, injuries and even deaths from reversing vehicles in the past years.

Today’s final rule requires all vehicles under 10,000 pounds, including buses and trucks, manufactured on or after May 1, 2018, to come equipped with rear visibility technology that expands the field of view to enable the driver of a motor vehicle to detect areas behind the vehicle to reduce death and injury resulting from backover incidents. The field of view must include a 10-foot by 20-foot zone directly behind the vehicle. The system must also meet other requirements including image size, linger time, response time, durability, and deactivation.

“Rear visibility requirements will save lives, and will save many families from the heartache suffered after these tragic incidents occur,” said NHTSA Acting Administrator David Friedman. “We’re already recommending this kind of life-saving technology through our NCAP program and encouraging consumers to consider it when buying cars today.”

On average, there are 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries per year caused by backover crashes. NHTSA has found that children under 5 years old account for 31 percent of backover fatalities each year, and adults 70 years of age and older account for 26 percent.

Full NHTSA Press Release – Final Rule Requiring Rear Visibility Technology

Find out how USA Fleet Solutions can help to upgrade your fleet with backup cameras to meet government requirements by 2018. Contact Us today!

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NHTSA Presents Driven by Safety

On behalf of kids everywhere the NHTSA has required rearview cameras as an extra measure of safety, by 2018.