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Rosco Dual-Vision XC Player: How it Works

Dual-Vision is a compact digital video and audio fleet safety recorder with self-managed data.

  • Records data continuously: First in, first out, loop fashion; erasing oldest data with latest, automatically, from start of ignition to a predetermined time after engine has been turned off
  • Events Saved Include:
    • G-Shock: events have automatic marking and can’t be erased
    • Driver Panic: button allows for covert marking of non G-shock “events”
    • Speed: can be optionally selected as an event in the User Config. Menu
  • Events record with a minimum time of 10 seconds pre-event, 10 seconds post-event, and 50 second average file size

Dual-Vision XC Configuration Menu


Dual-Vision XC Parking Mode


Benefits of Event Recording

Dual-Vision will help eliminate distracted and improper driving, reduce accidents and their associated costs through driver behavior modification.


  • Losses and Claims by 26% with a proven risk management system.
  • Distracted Driving behavior that leads to accidents and claims.
  • Legal Fees with visual confirmation of fault, even when it’s your insured.


  • Operator Compliance with insured’s safe driving regulations.
  • Adherence to motor vehicle laws and policies among insureds.
  • Safety among insureds and secure insureds loyalty.


  • Fraudulent Claims with valuable data for accident reconstruction.
  • Liability while lowering insurance premiums.
  • Uncertainty with real video footage of accidents, incidents and events.

Dual-Vision Features

Continuous Video and Automotive Event Recorder

Rosco’s Dual-Vision XC is the only windshield based camera that offers all the benefits of event based recording with the added benefit of continuous recording.

With Dual-Vision XC your fleet has the ability to reduce distracted driving, improve driver performance and reduce your liability and insurance premiums.

  • Up to 160 hours of continuous video on a 32GB SD card
  • Tamper proof SD card lock
  • G-Force recognition
  • Vehicle speed
  • Integrated GPS tracking
  • Driver panic button
  • 24 hour surveillance timer audio, night vision
  • Up to 6 camera views
  • Wi-Fi download capability


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Dual-Vision XC Player


Dual-Vision XC Player SD Card Security Lock


Dual-Vision XC Player Easy SD Card Removal



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Dual-Vision XC Overview

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