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DV-Pro Database Software for Fleets

DV-Pro™ is the ultimate tool for fleet managers and safety professionals looking to improve database management, archiving, and reporting of Dual-Vision recorded information.

A major distinction of the Dual-Vision™ system is its continuous loop recording function: unlike other windshield-mounted recorders which only record for a few seconds before and after a pre-defined “event”, Dual-Vision™ sees and records everything!

Additionally, when the Dual-Vision™ recorder notes an event (ex: pre-set G-shock setting, speed overage or driver-actuated marker button), a separate 60 second event file is created with data captured before and after the event.

Event data is protected, and cannot be overwritten by the continuous record mode. The handling of the data with Dual-Vision™ is completely in the fleet-owner’s hands. No subscription is required, in contrast to other services that interpret the data and then charge a fee to send the owner a video record of events or driver activity. Data can be easily downloaded from the SD card to a computer, where it can be reviewed, then discarded or archived at the owner’s discretion.

Rosco Dual-Vision ADS System

The Dual-Vision ADS automatically downloads data files from the Dual-Vision XC device to your computer via a Wi-Fi network connection at your vehicle depot.

The process is as simple as configuring the Dual-Vision XC firmware to transfer its video files to a specific IP address where the ADS server resides. Once setup, the Dual-Vision XC will push video to the ADS as soon as it enters the Wi-Fi range eliminating the need to manually remove and download SD card data.


A high resolution Rosco Dual-Vision camera puts safety in clear focus. Our best-selling line of compact Dual-Vision products offers impressive options for improving fleet performance and regulatory compliance.


With Wi-Fi data transmission through the Auto Download System (ADS), continuous and event data files can be downloaded wirelessly and effortlessly. This happens through a modem and antenna added to the vehicle that communicates with an access point and server added to your facility by Rosco.

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