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Truck Fleet Management and Accident Prevention

Advances in truck safety and efficiency. A successful truck fleet management and accident prevention program demands safety systems built for exceptional service. Our cameras and automotive event recorders are high performance partners.

Reliable recorders deliver useful vehicle monitoring. These are valuable tools in truck accident prevention and responsible driver training. Choosing the best vehicle safety products is critical to fleet truck management. Rosco follows rigorous standards in building and customizing commercial truck camera systems. From product construction to customer service, we exceed expectations. What can we do for your fleet?

In-Cab High Resolution Rosco Dual-Vision Cameras puts safety in clear focus

Dual-Vision by Rosco helps fleet managers keep track of commercial vehicles and drivers. A high-capacity digital recorder mounts on the inside windshield and offers a 310° view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The palm-sized unit also collects GPS information, so you know exactly where your vehicles have been and at what speeds they traveled.

This innovative device proves to be an effective measure against distracted driving in all its forms. Dual-Vision recording footage serves as an invaluable training tool, helping managers show through exemplary models what to do behind the wheel of commercial vehicles.

Panic Video Capture

The driver saw a pickup begin to crash. The driver then hit the panic button and caught the prior 10 seconds and the ensuing 40 seconds of the accident on video.

This video became evidence for the Highway Patrol. The driver was injured and the lady who stopped in front of our drivers truck was an EMT… so the driver was able to get immediate medical attention.

Driver Assistant Dual-Vision Camera with GPS Monitoring

Our equipment works proactively to prevent incidents. Install a driver assistant dual vision camera to guide safer behaviors out on the road. Every Dual-Vision camera delivers continuous loop recording and GPS tracking. Drivers remain more aware with features such as speed and off-route monitoring.

Using two reliable cameras, businesses can gather up to 30 hours of digital AV vehicle footage at a lower cost.

You may also want to see our premium Dual-Vision™ XC. It serves as a technical driver assistant, providing immediate audible warnings to drivers.

Contact our experienced team to learn more about these commercial vehicle monitoring systems!

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