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Mor-Vision Mirror / Monitor System

Safety Starts with a Rearview Camera

We cover all the safety angles. When a rearview mirror with a backup camera for commercial vehicles is required, you can count on USA Fleet Solutions to have you covered.

Replace a standard rearview mirror with one that displays an LCD monitor as soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Or install a rearview mirror backup camera that delivers an unobstructed view of what’s behind the vehicle even when it’s dark outside!

We have sturdy, weatherproof rear view camera and monitor kits featuring night vision. Our design process generates products that are highly effective in commercial driving situations. Isn’t it time to eliminate backup blind spots and improve visibility dramatically with Rosco rear view camera systems?

Continuous Video and Automotive Event Recorder

MOR-Vision helps to confirm safe reverse operations with simple replacement of the standard OEM interior mirror.

MOR-Vision’s optional two camera system takes safety to the next level with a new second camera option. The second interior or exterior camera can be installed anywhere on the inside or outside of the bus for enhanced visibility and safety.

Enhance Safety with an Integrated Backup Safety System

Rearview Mirror / Monitor Kits

These systems utilize an interior rearview mirror to display a 4.3″ or 7″ size images when the vehicle is in the reverse operation. The driver can have a clear view of what is behind the vehicle without an extra monitor to obstruct the forward view. Once the vehicle is shifted out of reverse, a normal full mirror view appears. With up to two camera inputs, drivers have the advantage of multiple views of the vehicle. Ideal for trucks, vans, and school buses.

Rearview Mirror / Monitor Kits for Commercial Vehicles

According to data from a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, shifting into reverse may be more dangerous than previously thought. According to the first study conducted on the issue, 463 people were killed by vehicles backing up in 2007. That is more than 8 deaths per week.

In the same period, about 48,000 people were injured in backup accidents. Rosco Vision Systems video technology now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety. A Rosco backup camera makes backing up easier and your fleet or personal vehicle less prone to accidents!

Let USA Fleet Solutions help equip your fleet with a Backup Camera System to fit your needs. Contact Us today!

Rearview Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System



6″ x 16″ Rearview Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System with 7” Color Monitor


6″ x 30″ Rearview Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System with 7” Color Monitor



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Rosco Smart-Vision™ Rearview Backup Camera Systems Mirror/Monitor

Rosco Smart-Vision™ Provides Added Convenience And Safety with Simple Replacement of OEM Mirror.