OmniCam OC3

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Manage Your Fleet at the Speed of Life with OmniCam OC3


OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder and Software Management Systems provide video-based solutions proven to change driver behavior and deliver immediate ROI, saving fleet owners time and money.

Safer Drivers Save Money

Improved driver habits lead to huge benefits to a fleet’s bottom line. Omni Cam-secured fleets on average experience 70% less collision costs, as well as lower insurance claims and better fuel efficiency.

Optimize Fleet Productivity

Whether you’re in it for the long haul or are cash-in-transit, unsafe and inefficient drivers ultimately cap your profits. Our cameras and experts will help you identify key vehicles and drivers at the root of your fleet’s inefficiencies.

Data Driven Results

When accidents happen, you’ll know exactly what happened without the he-said, she-said. With features like Auto Event Recording and Cloud-enabled periodical uploads, you’ll track your fleet in real-time.


OC3 Specifications Sheets

OC3 Spec Sheet OC3 Spec Sheet

OmniCam Telematix Drive Recorder (OC3) Features At-a-Glance:

  • Constant 30FPS Footage
  • In-Cabin Monitoring
  • Front and Rear View Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • Automatic Emergency Recording
  • Cycle Recording
  • WiFi and Cloud Enabled
  • Automatic Low Light Sensor
  • Acceleration Sensor
  • Tamperproof

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OmniCam OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder


Uni-Body Angle Cradle for All Type Vehicles


Tamperproof Kits



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How Much Could You Save?

OC3 View Software

Frontal and In-cabin views of the OC3 are 1280p x 720p. Your whole fleet. One dashboard.

OC3 Night Outside

The OC3 with IR is designed to operate in zero light environments.

OC3 Night Inside

The OC3 with IR is designed to operate in zero light environments inside and outside.