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Meet Omni Telematix: Your Whole Fleet in One Dashboard

Make Good Drivers Better

Use Omni Telematix to coach drivers to perform at the best of their abilities. Consider our footage like “game films” for drivers. OmniCam experts use audio, visual and vehicle data to deliver an objective and measurable account of events that occur in unsafe acts.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Any manager knows how harmful one collision can be to the integrity of a whole fleet. Most fleet managers hope that any at-work collisions are the fault of the other motorist. Omni Cam programs will help exonerate your drivers and keep them on the road. Our video’s provide the “true story”.

Easy-to-Use and Manage

Assess problem driving and vehicles with industry-leading analysis software and our “3-click coaching workflow” all from one stunning and intuitive management dashboard. Once set up, you’ll be able to manage your whole fleet online.

OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder and Software Management Systems provide video-based solutions proven to change driver behavior and deliver immediate ROI, saving fleet owners time and money.

Does the OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder and Software Management Systems sound like a good product solution for your fleet? Contact USA Fleet Solutions today!

Omni Telematix Dashboard

OC3 Omni Telematix Dashboard

Telematix Dashboard

Omni Telematix Dashboard

OmniCam OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder


Uni-Body Angle Cradle for All Type Vehicles


Tamperproof Kits



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OC3 View Software

Frontal and In-cabin views of the OC3 are 1280p x 720p. Your whole fleet. One dashboard.

OC3 Night Outside

The OC3 with IR is designed to operate in zero light environments.