Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway

Applications Available Through the IVG System

At USA Fleet Solutions, we offer Omnitracs Products and Services to all size fleets to help you utilize our applications and our partners’ applications in the most efficient way. Our assessment, integration, custom development and programming, training, business intelligence, and predictive modeling services deliver practical solutions. This critical information increases your productivity and efficiency, so you can both grow and differentiate your business.

Hours of Service

Omnitracs’ Hours of Service (HOS) application lets drivers focus on what’s important — driving safely, efficiently, and in compliance. No more potentially inaccurate paper logs, which increase fleet exposure to risks, such as higher costs due to compliance breaches, reduced productivity, and operational inefficiency. HOS automates driver logs and fully complies with the latest FMCSA regulations.

Vehicle Inspection Report

Our Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) application eliminates paper DVIRs and makes it easier for drivers to complete accurate vehicle and trailer inspection reports. Your fleet managers and drivers can access stored reports at any time and are alerted immediately to any DVIRs with unresolved defects. VIR can help you save time and money, and improve your company’s compliance, safety, and defect resolution process.

Critical Event Reporting

Fact-based event data can significantly help to mitigate the high insurance costs and legal liabilities that can cripple a fleet. Critical Event Reporting (CER) monitors vehicles for critical, safety-related events in near real time to help improve driver behavior, maximize fleet operations, and prevent accidents.

Fault Monitoring

Fleet maintenance costs are a major concern for transportation companies today. Roadside assistance is expensive and planning preventive maintenance is not always easy to do. Omnitracs’ Fault Monitoring application provides near real-time alerts for common fault codes and includes important diagnostic information. These alerts enable fleets to proactively diagnose issues and take action to reduce fleet maintenance and repair costs.

Driver Workflow

Omnitracs Driver Workflow is an intuitive mobile tool that allows drivers to accept load assignments, view trip information and interactively complete tasks with near real-time communication directly back to dispatch. Driver Workflow makes life easier for drivers by replacing paper checklists and forms with an interactive electronic workflow that updates automatically.

Omnitracs Navigation

Omnitracs Navigation is an always current and responsive in-cab navigation application that provides best-in-class truck routing, customized maps, and high-speed software updates. Omnitracs Navigation provides an optimized, driver-friendly user interface with visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions and real-time speed alerts.

Weigh Station Bypass

Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze Preclear rewards drivers for their hard-earned safety scores by allowing them to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites and spend more time en-route. With the best drivers seeing bypass rates of 98% at Drivewyze-supported sites, Weigh Station Bypass helps fleets save time and money, and increase driver productivity and retention.

These are just some of the powerful applications available on Omnitracs IVG.

IVG expands the Applications Ecosystem

Wireless Accessory Connectivity

  • Local connectivity link to off the shelf accessories
  • Multi-channel Bluetooth, WiFi Direct

Enhanced OmniAPI as a Service

  • Fleet/3rd party access to rich driver/vehicle data through IVG
  • Use Case: fleet custom applications running on their smart mobility device

Extended Productivity

Omnitracs thin client/UI on driver’s smart device enables out-of-cab driver access to Omnitracs apps for critical PoD info

Mobile Hotspot

  • Fleets can enable IVG as a hotspot to connect smart devices
  • Use Case: driver internet access through IVG (Driver Retention)
  • Enabler: New Omnitracs data plans
Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG)



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