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Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway

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Omnitracs Next Generation of Fleet Management Devices

We provide a variety of solutions to help your business increase safety, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Put our years of experience in telematics to work for you with the following new solutions:

Intelligent Voice Interface(IVI)

  • Drivers can access core highvalue/high-use features by speaking voice commands
  • Trigger command: “Hello Omnitracs”
  • Integrates across applications


  • Real-time access enables hands-free access to key information
  • Increased driver productivity while assuring safety


Simplified Installation

  • Integrated “all-in-one” box approach
  • Single vehicle/accessory interface cable
  • Ignition sense through the vehicle connector enables “plug and play” installation (no splicing wires)


  • Simplified installation
  • Better than MCP50!


Compelling Data Plans

  • New Omnitracs-provided higher capacity data plans
  • Better value to our customers


  • Productivity enabler for driver retention at launch (in-vehicle scanning)
  • Driver retention and productivity through “anytime anywhere” internet browsing
  • Mobile hotspot enabler

*New plans don’t operate in domestic roaming (poor user experience due to 1X coverage and low % use case anyway).

Intuitive Message Notification

  • Improved UX for driver exception-based notification


  • Improved driver productivity
  • Driver can more easily identify alert/message priority
  • Driver has quick 1-touch access to common settings
Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG)


Plans at IVG Launch


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