Asset & Trailer Tracking

The Geotab ecosystem seamlessly integrates with many other third-party tracking devices. This allows you to use different devices for different use cases, while allowing them all show up on the same map. We have used asset trackers on tools, boats, golf carts, and woodchippers. Many of these trackers have the ability to track miles driven, run-time, or add additional sensors.

Flex Solar Trailer Tracker: Solar powered with a 6 month backup battery, this is our recommended tracker for non-powered assets. Great for: Trailers, signs, and larger valuable assets. Link to Flex PDF on eBooks page ?


Digital Matter Connected Devices: Digital matter is one of our hardware partners offering a range of solutions for asset tracking. From small affordable devices which easily fit on a bike or hand tool to WiFi sniffing devices which track location while indoors, if there’s a need to track it we can usually find a solution with their products.

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