Cameras & ADAS

Cameras and Advanced Driver-Awareness Systems are the best way to reduce liability and improve the safety of your drivers. From basic dash-cams to complex multi-cam systems with AI and proximity sensors we will work with you to find the best solution for your fleet. All of our camera solutions integrate directly into the Geotab database so there’s no need to log into a separate database.

Surfsight: Surfsight provides a forward and driver facing camera capable of detecting distracted driving events for driver coaching. Best in class live streaming with no delay, on-demand footage retrieval, and a simple install process make this camera an amazing system for the value.


Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention: Mobileye offers an advanced driver awareness solution which can be retrofitted to any vehicle. Benefits include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning, and a speed limit indicator. With the geotab integration all of these events will be available for reporting and manager alerts in real time. Proven to stop accidents by giving a driver those extra few seconds to react.


Smartwitness: The GOCam by smartwitness offers the ultimate in expandability with an MDVR system capable of up to 8 cameras, audio recording, and a driver-facing LCD Screen.


Rosco Vision Systems: Tried and true, the Dual Vision Pro offers forward and driver facing views. With Rosco we also have the ability to add additional cameras and integrate with Mobileye’s ADAS.


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