Fuel Management

Get the most out of the system by integrating your fuel transaction data into Geotab.

Fuel Tracker: The Fuel Tracker is a free add-in on the drive app which allows your drivers to record all of their fill ups regardless of where it was purchased or the payment used. We can work with you to make this app work best for you.


FleetCor and WEX: Fleetcor and WEX card integrations are now available and included with most service plans. If you already have a FleetCor or WEX card we can integrate your fuel data into Geotab to help monitor your usage and identify fuel fraud.


Fuel BI: Fuel BI by Fleet Hoster combines all of your fuel card data with Geotab data to give a complete overview of your company’s fuel usage. Included are prebuilt alerts on suspicious transactions. Current supported fuel cards are Comdata, Diesel Direct, Fleetcor, Fuelman, Voyager/US Bank, Quarles, Fleet One, and WEX.


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