MCP50 Features

MCP50 Features

Improve how you monitor and manage safety and compliance. Track assets, monitor driver behaviors, improve fleet efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Manage CSA requirements
Become compliant with the FMCSA regulations on driver hours. Improve performance related to the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) scoring methodology.

Manage your fleet’s safety
Critical Event Reporting helps you identify and respond to unsafe driving behaviors to proactively manage the safety behavior of your drivers.

Increase visibility to your fleet
Monitor your vehicles’ locations with fleet tracking and landmark management. Enhance driver productivity with the ability to send and receive two-way information exchanges in near real-time.

Install and adopt quickly and easily
The MCP50 is easy to install and intuitive for your drivers.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Experience how mobile computing can streamline your operations and reduce costs.

Install and Adopt MCP50 Hardware Quickly and Easily

The MCP50 was designed for ease of installation and use. It’s intuitive for your drivers and includes built-in, step-by-step help. The system also brings efficiency to the back office by using a simple web interface for integrating the data with your fleet management software. Analytics Manager translates your valuable operational data into simple reports that every member of your operation can use and understand.

Get More From Your Technology Investment

At USA Fleet Solutions we offer Technical Services to fleets of all sizes to help you utilize our applications and our partners’ applications in the most efficient way possible. Our assessment, integration, custom development, programming, training, business intelligence, and predictive modeling services deliver practical solutions. This critical information increases your productivity and efficiency, so you can focus on growing your business.

MCP50 Low Cost GPS Fleet Management Solution

Looking for a DOT Compliant EOBR? Designed for easy installation and use, the MCP50 is easy to on-board and provides you with intuitive applications.


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MCP-50 Features