MCP50 Specifications

MCP50 Specifications

The MCP50 is designed with effective, two-way information delivery and value-added applications your fleet requires. The hardware components are easy to install within an hour in the cab and include:

Display Interface Unit 50 (DIU50)
The DIU50 has a color, touch-screen, high-resolution 7” display, a WinCE 6.0 core operating system, and can run multiple applications simultaneously. It can be holstered or dash-mounted and has an integrated speaker.

Vehicle Telematics Modem 50 (VTM50)
The VTM50 provides vehicle data bus connectivity, digital I/O, position determination, wireless connectivity, and display support capabilities.

Terrestrial Antenna
The antenna is lightweight and rugged in design, transmits over a CDMA cellular network, and supports active GPS.

Our MCP50 applications help you address your fleet’s safety and compliance challenges.

Applications include:

In-Cab Navigation or On-Board Navigation (ALK)

With In-Cab Navigation, your company can benefit from increased productivity, safer driving, and enhanced driver satisfaction. This application can save you money by providing accurate routes to reduce out-of-route miles. This application is an onboard GPS based navigation solution that uses street‐level ALK Digital Maps enhanced with PC*MILER truck‐specific attributes to provide spoken turn‐by‐turn directions.


  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn instructions
  • Routes calculated based on vehicle size and load type
  • Over 7 million Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Load-specific routing including 30 different Hazmat Categories
  • Clear 2D, 3D and Driver Safety views
  • Voice instruction using Text-to-Speech technology

Solution Benefits

  • Reduces out-of-route mileage
  • Increases driver efficiency
  • Optimizes routes
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Reduces risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions
  • Improves driver safety
MCP50 Low Cost GPS Fleet Management Solution

Looking for a DOT Compliant EOBR? Designed for easy installation and use, the MCP50 is easy to on-board and provides you with intuitive applications.


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