Networkfleet 5000 Series

Networkfleet 5000 Series

Networkfleet 5000 Series

With compatibility that spans from light, medium to heavy duty vehicles, the Networkfleet 5000 Series GPS fleet tracking and engine monitoring system offers 24/7 visibility into fleet assets with access to real-time vehicle data, such as; mileage, speed, fuel consumption, and diagnostic trouble codes. This compilation of data will improve fleet operations and significantly reduce costs.

Networkfleet is transforming the way fleets operate by providing actionable data that improves efficiency and accountability,” said Keith Schneider, CEO and president of Networkfleet.

Plug, Play and Go

Networkfleet is manufactured in the U.S.A., powered by automotive-grade hardware, and easy to install. The NWF 5000 series is also equipped with GPS Tracking, Remote Diagnostics, Reporting and Preventative Maintenance.

Web-based GPS

Allows for 24/7 online and mobile access to Fleet Information, Idle-Time and MPG Monitoring.

Customizable Reporting

Schedule real-time alerts and reports daily, weekly, or monthly. Reports that will extend invested capital and employee retention by monitoring assets and proper use: Activity Detail, Beginning/End of Day, Drive Time, Fuel Usage and MPG, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Program.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Stay compliant with Remote Smog Check/Emissions Recording.

Free Roadside Assistance (Garmin integration)

Every vehicle in your fleet qualifies for free Roadside Assistance. And with Free Roadside Assistance Driving Directions, Closest Vehicle Mapping, Landmark Uploading, and Geo-fencing your vehicle is assured to be recovered quickly and efficiently.


Equipped with a warning system to notify dispatch for fleet inefficiencies; Idle time, Speed Violations, Stop Details, Odd Hours, Maintenance, Recalls, Service Records and more.

Integrated Solutions

Our data can be integrated with other software to help your business run even more efficiently, enabling fleet managers to automate tasks and reduce workload.

Training and Customer Service

We remain available 24/7/365 to answer questions and guide your team in order to receive the maximum benefit from your GPS system. Your USA Fleet Solutions representative will train you and your team in the full operational tool when you become our client.

Accidents and other driving incidents cost carriers millions of dollars each year in increased insurance costs, worker’s compensation, litigation, settlements, bad publicity, and poor customer service. The predictive performance service of the NWF 5000 Series can increase safety by helping to identify risk exposure. With utilization of this tool other complex business issues become easier to understand and control, such as supply chain service levels, driver performance and retention, fuel optimization, and predictive vehicle maintenance.

How it Works

Providing an easy-to-use, online application with reporting and data management.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Track vehicles, assets, receive alerts, and monitor driver behavior in near real-time.


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