Fleet Maps

Fleet Maps

Fleet Maps

Manage All Your Vehicles Online with Our Fleet Map System

Managing the location of your vehicles is easy with Verizon Networkfleet’s® online fleet maps. Our fleet maps provide insight that lets you reach your customers more quickly and provide better
customer service.

  • A large, usable online fleet map shows vehicles’ locations and whether the ignition is on or off.
  • Satellite and hybrid maps give fleet managers the ability to observe vehicles in a real-world setting with 3-D earth imagery which provides an accurate and realistic depiction of a vehicle’s location and its geographical surroundings.

In addition, unlimited landmarks help fleet managers be more effective and productive by:

  • Showing which driver on the fleet map is closest to a customer which allows for better routing and decreased fuel costs,
  • Helping managers predict shipment arrival times,
  • Helping identify any vehicle misuse.

Geofences show fleet managers when vehicles enter and exit a designated area. Verizon Networkfleet offers both circular and polygonal geofences; and the latter allows for an even more precise geographic selection. They also show how many miles and how long the vehicle traveled. You can even run a historical exception report to see which vehicles have driven outside a geofence.

GPS Tracking Maps

Managing the location of your vehicles is easy with Verizon Networkfleet’s online fleet maps. Our intuitive, easy-to-read maps provide information and insights that let you:

  • Track the location of vehicles in route
  • Route vehicles more efficiently
  • Reduce total miles driven
  • Provide driving directions to drivers
  • Track vehicle data including speed, direction, and odometer reading

Mapping Technologies that Show the Whole Picture

Detailed fleet maps provide the necessary data dispatchers need to make efficient daily routing decisions that reduce fuel usage, speed up response times, and improve customer service.

  • Unlimited landmarks – user-defined objects such as a customer’s house, a retail mall or an airport – help fleet managers route vehicles more efficiently and predict shipment arrival times.
  • Customizable geofences – virtual boundaries or perimeters indicating a defined area on a map – track vehicle entry and exits from designated areas and help to deter vehicle misuse.

Interested in a personalized demo relevant to your business? Contact us to schedule a demo and see fleet maps, landmarks, and geofences in action!

How it Works

Providing an easy-to-use, online application with reporting and data management.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Track vehicles, assets, receive alerts, and monitor driver behavior in near real-time.


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Fleet Maps