Vehicle Alerts

Vehicle Alerts

Vehicle Alerts

Proactively Address Issues with Real Time Alerting

Verizon Networkfleet’s® sophisticated alerting functionality allows managers to schedule real-time alerts daily, weekly, or monthly for conditions that exceed user-defined limits such as: speed thresholds, geofence violations, odd-hours breaches and more. Users can create and modify alerts for groups or individual vehicles and have notifications sent automatically via email or SMS message.

Activity alerts report on the following types of activities:

  • Vehicle Engine Health: Diagnostics trouble codes and malfunction indicator light status.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: If the vehicle is due for service.
  • Odd Hours: If vehicles are being used outside user-defined parameters based on time.
  • Idle: If vehicles are idling longer than a user defined threshold.
  • Speed: If vehicles are speeding.
  • Geofences: If a vehicle has entered or exited a geofence.

In addition to these alerts, fleet managers can also create a path of escalation to notify management as the severity of alert conditions increase. For example, a fleet manager can set up three different escalation points as it relates to excessive speed. For each increased escalation point, different people can be notified, and by different means. This cascading notification process can be applied to all vehicles in the fleet.

Real time alerting allows fleet managers to better understand driver behavior and proactively address issues before they escalate into larger problems.

Customizable Alerts to Fit Your Needs

Our GPS fleet management system makes it easy to get the right live data to the right people at the right time.

  • Modify alerts by individual vehicles, groups of vehicles, or entire fleets.
  • Send alerts via email, SMS messaging or both.
  • Direct alerts to individual managers, groups, or the entire management team.
  • Set up escalating notification points so that alerts automatically contact higher levels of management, if needed, as alert conditions grow more severe.


Every once in a while, a manufacturer might make a safety recall on the vehicles in your fleet. If you are not aware of the recall, you could be putting your drivers and others at risk of being injured, and could end up with vehicles that do not function properly. Alerts will notify you online of any safety recalls from manufacturers. In doing so, you can get your vehicles repaired or replaced quickly, and get your drivers back on the road.

These resources at your fingertips can transform any fleet large or small. Let us show you how your business can be better, contact us now.

Proactive Fleet Maintenance

Set Trigger Alerts, Choose how service reminders are sent, Receive reports, etc.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Track vehicles, assets, receive alerts, and monitor driver behavior in near real-time.


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