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Software Solutions for Key Compliance Issues

As compliance rules become more complex, drivers that continue to use paper logs are finding it increasingly difficult to be compliant.

Most recently, talk around compliance has focused on the requirements of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate. But, smart fleet managers know that compliance goes beyond just ELDs.

That’s why our FMCSA-compliant software is comprised of three key applications: Hours of Service tracking, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filings, and Driver Vehicle Inspections (DVIR). Find out how USA Fleet Solutions can help you operate safely while saving you time and money.

Hours of Service

Say Goodbye to Paper Hours of Service (HOS) Logs

Hours of Service provides near real-time tracking of drivers’ hours, allowing them to focus on driving safely and productively instead of spending time filling out cumbersome paper forms.

By automating driver logs, fleets ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations, increase overall productivity, and maximize operational efficiency.

This HOS compliance software provides automatic updates to fleet managers with duty status, driving time, and remaining hours of service, benefiting not only the driver, but also the entire fleet. This means your fleet faces less exposure to risks, such as:

  • Higher costs due to breaches of DOT hours of service rules
  • Reduced productivity
  • Operational inefficiency
  • Record tampering, and more

This fleet technology includes features designed to save time and money while maximizing performance. The Omnitracs hours of service app automates driver logs and helps ensure that your fleet fully complies with the latest FMCSA regulations. Drivers and dispatchers receive notifications of impending and actual violations in near real-time, reducing their potential impact.

Information is conveniently accessible via the web and an intuitive driver display, further simplifying the hours of service log process for managers and drivers alike.

Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

XRS provides automatic state-by-state mileage tracking and online fuel purchase entry, import, and tracking to automate the fuel tax reporting (IFTA & IRP) process.

IFTA was created to simplify the fuel tax reporting system and eliminate the need for separate permits. While IFTA has been successful, it hasn’t come without challenges. From deciphering driver handwriting to completing extensive paperwork, for many fleets, IFTA compliance is a time-intensive chore.

What’s more, IFTA jurisdictions require audits of 3% of IFTA accounts, and penalties can include a fine plus interest, so getting it wrong can mean facing an audit and jeopardizing profit.

  • Reduction in administrative burden collecting state mileage crossing – often 1 to 2 full time personnel.
  • Reduction in form submission to each jurisdiction through automated reporting.
  • Patented state-line cross method that allows for the most accurate mileage tracking by state, reducing audit risk.
  • Trips and mileages match HOS logs, allowing for easy reconciliation between record keeping systems.
  • Minimal audit exposure.
  • Ability to collect and import fuel data easily.
  • All records are stored electronically for 6 years, eliminating the need for paper based records and storage.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Eliminate Paper Inspections with DVIR. Simple, easy-to-use process to complete vehicle inspection reports.

Recording and storing driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) on paper costs fleets time and money. Omnitracs’ Vehicle Inspection Report application eliminates paper DVIRs and makes it easier for drivers to record pertinent inspection information. With DVIR, fleet managers and drivers can access stored reports at any time, and are alerted immediately to any DVIRs with unresolved defects.

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to proper inspections.
  • Increased up-time of the vehicle.
  • Streamlined workflow focusing on the inspection compared to the paperwork.
  • Exception based reporting allows fleets to deal with issues as they arise compared to sifting through hundreds of clean inspections.
  • Improved Vehicle Maintenance CSA scores by adding a diligent inspection process.

Struggling with Compliance? You’re Not Alone.

USA Fleet Solutions provides drivers and fleet compliance managers with the tools they need to effectively meet regulation requirements.

HOS, IFTA, ELD, DOT and FMCSA compliance software offers an efficient, effective solution to minimize business disruption and keep your fleet on the road. Please Contact Us for more information today!

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